Ahh Micellar Waters. I think there was a collective jump for joy in the beauty blogging world when high street brands started offering more affordable alternatives to things like Bioderma and Vichy. Vichy was actually the first micellar water I tried and I was super impressed by it. However, I'm not one for spending £10+ on makeup remover these days, so affordable alternatives it is!

When I bought this Loreal product, it was on offer so I only paid something silly like 2 or 3 pounds. For 200ml of product, it was well worth it. Simply apply to a cotton wool pad, sweep over your eyes and face and makeup is gone! While I don't use micellar waters on their own - I always follow with a proper cleanser and running water routine - I'd much rather use micellar water and a cotton pad than a face wipe on lazy nights.

Previously on this blog, I've reviewed the B. Micellar Water which I was slightly disappointed with because it stung my eyes! I'm pleased to report Loreal's offering is not like this at all, it's super duper gentle so you can use it to remove any visible eye makeup, as well as getting all your face makeup off too.

While I wouldn't buy this product at full price because there's now products that cost the same but with twice as much product, when it's on a good offer I would totally recommend it. Amazingly gentle, very effective and the perfect pre-cleanse product. As much as I loved Vichy, I can't ever see myself buying a more expensive micellar solution again when ones like this are so much cheaper and just as effective.

What do you think about the micellar water market?