First up, apologies for using an image from the Lush website, I appear to have misplaced the photos I took myself, but I felt this review was one I still had to share!

Goodness gracious, it feels like such a long time since the adventure I had to go on to get my hands on this product. When I first went to purchase it, my local Lush store at the time had missed a delivery and didn’t have it in stock. I left with some samples of Ultrabland and had to return at a later date to get it. Needless to say, Lush Cosmetic Warrior was worth the wait.

My interest in this product was piqued during a particularly bad patch of skin-related hell and a little growing Lush obsession I had at the time. I scoured the Lush website looking for the best mask to treat my blemish ravished skin and eventually settled on this one. A quick chat with the lovely lady in the shop confirmed I’d made the right choice.

So, how did it actually perform? I feel like the first thing I have to comment on is how this product smells. One of the key ingredients is actually garlic, and while I personally (weirdly) don’t mind running round stinking of the stuff, I know others do. So, I’m sure you’ll all be glad to know that the overriding smell in this product is actually the tea tree.

One thing I remember being told by the shop assistant is that this mark uses a honey and egg base rather than a clay one. This is advantageous because a traditional clay mask requires you dragging it across your skin, not so nice when your skin is feeling troubled as it is. I must say, this really did make a difference for me. Despite being quite messy, it was the easiest mask to apply and definitely the gentlest.

I really liked the immediate results I gained with this mask. It always eased out any redness I had from particularly angry spots. I also found it be very effective on those nasty, painful under-the-skin spots - it eased the pain and reduced the size.

As this is a fresh face mask, I only gained a handful of uses from it, but over the few weeks I was using it, my skin was always quite happy. It didn’t perfect my skin but it greatly improved it and certainly didn’t agitate it any further.

This is a product that right now, I wish I had in my life (too much to use up first!) and something I would recommend to anyone with oily, blemish-prone and generally upset skin.

It’s also great because unlike some other Lush products I used to use, the ingredients in this face mask are fresh, natural (sadly not vegan though) and there are no parabens.

What do you think of the Lush face mask offerings?