Create Your Own Plan, Or Prepare To Become A Part Of Someone Else's!

As is to be expected, today's Motivation Monday quote is one that holds special meaning for me at the moment. Despite realising ages ago that I am at my absolute happiest when I am doing exactly what I want to do for myself and no one else, I still find myself living a life that isn't entirely my own. 

For example, although I was happy in my previous job, I took a new one because I enjoyed the feedback I got from other people - people are much nicer to you when you tell them you're a journalist rather than a team leader at Superdrug. I like the positive reinforcement I got from it, rather than considering whether this is really, really what I want to do. 

When you're in a traditional job, you're very much a part of someone else's plan. Someone else decides how much money you earn, someone else decides your development path. My job - and I know I'm not even remotely alone in this - is very, very time consuming, and I don't have a whole lot of Emily time anymore.

Another example, I moved down south, away from my friends, family and anything familiar to me because another person expected it of me. This person moving to my hometown, or meeting in the middle somewhere, was not even discussed. Obviously, that's left me in a bit of a pickle now...

Perhaps if I'd focused on myself a bit more and what I wanted from life as a whole, rather than laser-beaming in on one aspect of my life I thought I wanted very, very much, I could have made my own plan and I wouldn't feel as stuck as I do right now.

I know that deciding exactly what you want from life is so very, very difficult but it's also very important. And once you've decided what you want - not just what job you want, but your lifestyle, the types of relationships you want to attract, everything - you've got to have a plan, or you'll find yourself in someone else's. 

Do you really want to be just another pawn in someone else's plan for world domination? Do you really want to be an accessory for someone else's white picket fence? Or do you want to decide how much you earn, where you live, who you spend time with? I'm guessing it's the latter.

At the moment, I'm still deciding what it is what I want. But believe me, when I figure that out, you can bet your life I will not only plan how I'm going to there, but implement that plan too. How about you?