So, as I'm sure you're all sick of hearing now, I recently moved into a new flat, house, whatever you want to call it! I believe the technical term is "maisonette" - it's a little too small to call a house, but it's on two floors so flat doesn't seem quite right. My bedroom is actually on a balcony type thing, it's pretty cool and the more I live here, the more I fall in love.

Of course, in typical female shopping addict fashion, now I have my very own little place, I want to fill it to the brim with pretty, but unneccessary, items. I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of "finishing touches" for my living space and hopefully provide some interior design inspiration for you all.

First of all, makeup storage! Although the size of my bedroom means I've had to place my French dressing table dreams on hold, I do have a set of drawers which is host to my mirror and makeup supplies. Currently, my makeup is haphazardly scattered all over the top of these drawers, some of it in a grubby makeup bag, the rest all over the place. I've been beauty blogging long enough now to know that is is essential I get my hands on some acrylic storage and when I saw this particular set, I knew it was perfect for my needs. I've recently dramatically downsized my makeup collection and am hoping it would all fit in a little unit like this now - minus palettes of course.

The second item on my wishlist is this beautiful makeup brush holder. Florals and of course, butterflies are some of my favourite embellishments and I stumbled across this pink butterfly holder on eBay while searching for acrylic storage. It's so cute and would look perfectly at home in my room.

As a typical blogger, I have suddenly developed a huge obsession with my house smelling gorgeous. Not content with a huge peony scented candle from Sainsbury's and two Yankee Candle votives, I'm now after a beautiful oil burner that could potentially house Yankee Candle wax melts as well. Lilyroseco is one of my favourite stores to browse at the moment, so I knew it wasn't going to let me down in this department. The pink and white heart design on this particular burner has me sold.

So, while I don't think I've mentioned it all that much on this blog, I am actually a huge fan of Paris. I first went with high school in my first year of sixth form, before going again a few years later with my then boyfriend. I've since fallen in love with the city - so when I saw this Eiffel Tower jewellery dish on my cute, quirky jewellery storage solutions hunt, I knew I had to look no further.

I am also a huge fan of flowers - what girl isn't?! Sadly I'm lacking in the green finger department and maintaining fresh flowers can often get costly. These fake rose bouquets I stumbled across on eBay look so perfect, a great alternative for when fresh isn't an option and would brighten up my living space perfectly. 

No home is complete without artwork in my opinion and with a blog name like The Glitter Vixen, it was obvious I'd have to go for some fox related artwork. A quick search later and I stumbled on this absolutely adorable fox painting. It's so cute, how could I not want this in my house?!

As comfy and lovely as my new cream futon is, I think it really needs some nice cushions to finish it off. I'm not sure exactly what aesthetic I'm going for, but when I saw these floral and polka cushions on Etsy, I knew they were exactly what I was after.

Finally, I've started having guests more and more often now that I've got a sofa sorted and my house looks more like a home than a storage facility but I've noticed something - they never have anywhere to put their drinks. Naturally part of it is due to having no tables in my living room yet, but part of it is I have no coasters either. I spotted these coasters on Gift & Pieces while searching for a nice vase and they look so similar to the cushions I've got my eye, I knew these were the coasters for me.

What's on your home wishlist? 

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