It feels kinda silly sitting down to write this review seeing as I'm guessing it's about a year since I used this product, but I was quite impressed with it so I didn't want to miss out on the chance to recommend something good! The Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash pictured above is actually a sample size I received as a gift with a magazine. I bought it pre-Arbonne so I was super excited to use it.

As with most products, the first thing I noticed about this product is the packaging. I love how simple it is, yet pretty and feminine without being in-your-face girly. I also like that it's a squeezy tube - very easy to use and you get to use all the product as you can cut the tube open once it starts getting difficult to squeeze out.

Next of all, I was impressed with the ingredients. Naturally (oops, no pun intended) I'm drawn to products that make claims about being natural and I was intrigued by Balance Me's use of a percentage to describe how natural the product is. I'm no expert on ingredients so can't back their claims up, however, there's no mineral oil or parabens in this which are ingredients I try to avoid so gold star there!

But how does the product actually perform? It smells gorgeous, a very, very subtle rose scent I believe. It's a nice gel like cleanser that isn't too thick and isn't too runny. You only need a small amount to cover your face and it works great for removing facial makeup. It was very gentle and while I was using it, my skin remained as clear as it ever gets.

While I spend all my time praising Arbonne and will definitely be using their products for the forseeable future, if suddenly Arbonne became illegal, this is one of the cleansers I would immediately turn to. I wholeheartedly recommend it to oily-skinned ladies wanting to keep greasiness at bay, but don't want anything too harsh.

Have you tried anything by Balance Me?