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Hello vixens. I've been a little absent recently, I admit. I didn't really have the best week last week so I decided to take a step away from the blog and recuperate. This week, I've been catching up on all the tasks I failed to do the previous week and getting my life back in order. I'm feeling much better now and although I spent most of the challenge playing catch-up, I thought I'd share the entire set of #radicalselflovejuly photos with you!

READING: Game of Thrones, still! Although I don't read every day like I used to, when I do pick this book up intending on one chapter, it ends up being five! I'm so in love with the way this book is written and it's doing a good job of filling the hole the TV show left in my life.

WATCHING: Charmed and Buffy, of course, but I've also started on season two of Hemlock Grove at last! When it came out, I was still watching From Dusk Til Dawn and I don't like having too many TV shows on the go, so I finished that before starting HG - although I was SO excited for it to come out. Really good so far.

LISTENING: Wayyyy back in January I preordered the new Wednesday 13 Undead Unplugged album and his Dead Meat compilation set full of rarities. I'd totally forgotten about it until it popped through my letterbox on Tuesday. Needless to say I was delighted and these are what I've been listening to!

WANTING: Furniture! Although my little house is looking a lot better these days, I could still do with a few extra pieces of furniture, such as a TV, a stand to put it on and a bit more storage. 

LOVING: The power of the Universe and Manifestation! Ask and you shall receive. This week has proved this to me in one of the best ways imaginable. I'll be going more into the topic of life design soon, I imagine...

How has your week been lovelies? xo