Homemade Goat's Cheese and Smoked Salmon Cannelloni with Homemade Watercress Pesto, dressing in a highly unprofessional manner for work, new Wednesday 13 CDs to listen to, fresh bedding, new makeup, new cute work shirt, wearing new makeup and showing off a haircut, bit of self love in the form of a Coke bottle, facing my fears, my favourite roller derby game yet, getting my nails done, Ladies Night, crabbing, adorable tea room, favourite childhood treat, crossing a biggie of the 25 before 25 list
On Friday night I did a rather depressing post about my struggles with my demons and how exhausted it was leaving me. Thing is, despite my exhaustion and battles with depression, I've actually been having a pretty damn good time since my last Instavixen post.

Mood swings aside, life is pretty good for me at the moment. While I'm hardly out living a life that could be a movie, I've finally settled down into a routine that works for me, I'm starting to use my time more and more wisely, I'm eating delicious meals on a regular basis, exploring the area I now live in and spending time with people outside of work.

Some things you can read about in yesterday's post, such as my trip to Bounce Below or getting my nails done professionally for the first time. Others, such as purchasing new makeup, will be getting a blog post all of their own in due time. Meanwhile, I regret not taking better pictures of the most recent roller derby bout I attended because it was one of the best days so far this year and would've made a killer blog post!

On Sunday 10th August, I travelled to Swindon for an event I've been looking forward to for months: Blocktor Who. This was the fifth bout day in the Heartlands Series South West, a UK roller derby tournament. The team I am resuming training with next week, Wiltshire Roller Derby, were the hosts of this Doctor Who themed game.

Some of you may know I have a genuine fear of daleks, so encountering life sized, walking, talking daleks admittedly had me very, very nervous,  but luckily, the excellence of the games taking place really made me feel better. I actually wrote the bout report for the matches taking place on the day, so once that's online, I'll Tweet a link.

After the roller derby game, the two weeks I had booked off work finally arrived and I travelled to Wakefield to spend some downtime with my family. The first week was mainly spent coming to terms with the fact that I needed rest and had to stop forcing myself to be a productivity queen.

I did however manage to meet up with my best friend from school and college and take a visit to one of my favourite Leeds tourist attractions, Tropical World. I also went to a Ladies Night with two friends. I'm pretty sure I enjoyed myself and have vague memories of HOT men in thongs serving my champagne, but I got trashed and don't remember too much!

The second week of my leave was spent in Anglesey at my grandparents house. Turns out the sea air of Wales and seeing family was exactly what my soul needed. Besides Bounce Below we visited my favourite beach Aberrfraw and the Sea Zoo.

I've been back at my mum's since Friday evening and I'm heading back home to Hampshire tomorrow evening. I'm looking forward to what next week holds for me.

What about you?