Butterflies at Tropical World
Ollie the Octopus
A Crocodile Makes An Unexpected Friend 
Stormy Beaumaris 
A Sad Scene
Rock Pools
A Fish Happy To Pose For Photographs 
Following on from yesterday's life catch up in the form of my most recent Instavixen post, I thought I'd post some pictures I took over the Summer period (in Britain, it seems to be coming to an end already). Unfortunately I don't take nearly as many photographs as I used to take, so these are actually only from my trip to Tropical World and my time on Anglesey.

I actually enjoyed having a camera on hand at all times while I was in Wales and it was hard picking my favourites to share in this blog post. Photography has never really been a serious hobby for me and my camera is just a fancier point and shoot but I think it is something I'd like to explore in more depth.

For me, this is certainly a post where I like the photographs to do the talking rather than waffling on for numerous paragraphs as I normally do. I've left a caption underneath each one so they're not completely random, but that's all I feel the need to say right now.

Have you got any summer or holiday snaps to share?