Historically, River Island isn't exactly a shop I've been interested in. During my early teenage years I remember it being full of horrendously tacky items and as I got older, while the stuff in there vastly improved, it just wasn't to my personal taste. High street wise, I much preferred Topshop. However, while I was back in Wakefield, I went last minute outfit shopping with some friends and River Island was one of our first stops. I was pleasantly (my purse doesn't agree) surprised by how much I like in there!

For today's post, I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of items I'm wanting from the shop, with examples of exactly how I would style them if I could get my hands on them!
Although I already own a leather jacket, I've had it for around five years now and it's finally starting to look a little worn out. I've broken a few zips on there and I personally think I've outgrown the particular style it's in. When I saw this mid-length, fur embellished number from River Island, I knew I'd found the one I wanted to upgrade to. I am slightly wary of it not being real leather, but it's pretty enough for me to overlook that.

Prior to spying the leather jacket, I'd spotted this green shirt. I used to be obsessed with checked shirts and had quite the collection but a few years ago I got bored of them and donated them all. However, this green beauty has sparked my interest in shirts again. I'd wear it oversized with a pair of wet look leggings and some Chelsea boots. With the leather jacket on top, I've got a nice new autumn outfit that's effortless yet super stylish.

Of the two outfits I'm writing about today, I think this is definitely the most "me" but at the same time, because I'd accessorise with brown boots and brown tights, it's a little different from usual. I have actually been trying to add more brown to my wardrobe for a while now - I have a gorgeous pair of brown jeans, a brown fox jumper and a brown fox top but I rarely ever wear them as I lack footwear and warm outerwear to go with them all. I spotted these boots and tights ages ago on eBay, but I think if I get my hands on this shirt, I will finally get round to making them mine.

In the shop, both shirt and skirt were on the same rack and I knew it was a match made in heaven. I most definitely need a pink leather look miniskirt in my life and while pink and floral is hardly an original choice for me, the colour scheme of this shirt would give my wardrobe a much needed refresh.

Are you a River Island fan?

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