Arbonne It's A Long Story Mascara [PRODUCT REVIEW]

At the time of writing this post, I was an Arbonne Independent Consultant. To learn more about what this means, please click here.

Ah, mascara. Once upon a time, I wholeheartedly believed all mascara was the same stuff in different bottles with different brushes. I'd treat myself to a No7 mascara when I had a voucher as at the time, that was the height of luxury for me, but mainly I just bought cheap cheap cheap mascara and ones that were on offer. Eventually, as I started beauty blogging more and more, I became a lot more aware that actually, not all mascaras are created equal. 

Some of you may remembering me raving about Benefit's They're Real Mascara last year and boy, did that product change the way I looked at mascara. Both brush and formula are fantastic - I literally only have one gripe with that product: it is just too much of a pain to remove. 

As I did so often towards the end of the last year, once my favourite mascara ran out, I turned to Arbonne to see what it could offer me. To my amazement, the Arbonne It's A Long Story ticked all the boxes They're Real does...except I can remove it with ease.

For me, the formula is perfect. It's not in any way dry, but it's not so wet you're smudging it everywhere. It isn't thick or gloopy. The brush is plastic and thin, coating each lash with ease. Once applied, not only are my lashes thicker and longer, but this mascara actually holds a curl in place, something I once thought was legend alone. It stays in place all day, but once I stick some cleanser on, off it comes. 

Yes, yes, yes, I am broken record. But yet again I've tried another Arbonne product and I don't want to ever try another brand again! 

What's your favourite mascara?