Reuniting with an old friend, delicious new smoothie flavour, finally getting back on skates, new flowers, post-work selfie, new coasters that match my chopping board, new meal planner, weekend morning routine, long lost bracelets, using my tea pot, homemade pizza (a favourite), adult coping mechanism, badass bottle opener, Saturday selfie, adorable socks, favourite sweets 
Life has pretty much been business as usual since I last posted an Instavixen life update. I spend the majority of the day Monday-Friday in the office, the evenings catching up on life admin such as getting my little house in tip top condition for an inspection by the estate agents, trying to squeeze some enjoyment in and enjoying the odd social event, as well as roller derby once a week. At the weekends, I'm full of plans and to do lists, but of course, I inevitably spend a lot of time catching up on lost sleep and rest!

I'm slowly but surely developing a routine that works really well for me, one where I go to work and do my job like a pro, but still get to blog, read and stay on top of all my other "grown up" stuff. At the moment, I'm trying to teach myself to get up a little earlier so my mornings can be more relaxed and productive. I also need to get on top of blog post scheduling - if I manage to write a few posts at the weekend and schedule them, my blog remains active. If I don't...well just look at how frequently I posted last week. Or not.


Watching: Buffy, Charmed and the most recent series of Bones

Listening: I've recently rediscovered my love for The Cribs and Iggy Azalea is a little guilty pleasure of mine

Reading: I've finally started reading the second A Song of Ice and Fire book: Clash of Kings!

Loving: major improvements in roller derby training with crossovers, T stops and plough stops and the positive effects of actively trying to incorporate more protein into my diet

Recommending: I've started reading a handful of new blogs recently as I've grown a little tired of beauty blogs and that was the main category I was following. The ones I like best and seem to be hitting the "Save" button a lot for are: The Private Life of a Girl, A Little Opulent and Jennypurr.

Aiming For: a week of consistent blogging, a weekend in Wakefield, to make time to play some of the games I've downloaded recently

What has your week been like?

PS: Last week I posted a vlog from way back in May when I went to see Courtney Love and visited the aquarium in London. I decided not to do a full blog post on it or publicise it all that much because it's so out of date now, but I hated all that footage going to waste so put it up for anyone who is interested.