A few Sundays ago, I went into Basingstoke to get my hair cut. Sadly, that didn't end up happening because literally all of the walk-in salons I know about were "fully booked." Not wanting to waste the bus fare and time spent getting there, I went for a little wander around the shops when I suddenly remembered the Superdrug giftcard I've had sat in my purse since January.

My original intention was to use it buy the Real Techniques Starter Kit for Eyes, but when I got there, it wasn't in stock. This set is much cheaper on Amazon anyway, so I figured I'd get it there and spend the giftcard on something I haven't bought since January: new makeup.

I made a beeline for the B. Makeup stand first. Having been rather impressed by the lipstick, shimmer blocks and eyeshadow blocks in the past, I decided to expand my collection.

After swatching a few of the lipsticks, I decided that the Cupcake shade is still my favourite and having lost it somewhere during one of moves this year, I decided to repurchase. I am delighted to have this shade back in my life.

I also decided to pick up a new Shimmer Block in Just Peachy - I love the Blush shade so much - and Just Peachy seemed like a gorgeous colour to sport throughout the rest of summer. I've yet to use it on my eyes but as a blush it's a gorgeous shimmery summer colour, I have not been let down so far.

Coutouring is something I've never really tried before, somehow never quite managing to get my head around it. However I've recently watched a few good videos on the subject and seen a few good diagrams, so I've been wanting to give it a go. Up until now though, my only bronzer has shimmer in it and so wasn't suitable for contouring.

I did consider Sleek's Contour Palette as I've heard lots of good things about it before, but in the end, I was at the B. stand and their B. Sculpted won me over. So far, I haven't quite managed getting quantity of product used right but practice makes perfect?!

Next, I was need of a new concealer. While I love Arbonne's concealer and was intending to gradually replace my entire makeup collection with their alternatives, the truth is I just can't afford Arbonne right now and in the current climate, I much prefer liquid concealers to solid blocks. I wanted to pick up the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer as I know I can trust it, but sadly it was completely sold out. I turned the corner to see my first ever real-life Makeup Revolution stand and decided it was time to give this brand I've been so curious about a little try. Although swatched on my hand in the shop it looked like it could deliver the coverage I require, I've been pretty disappointed when using it for real. I'm glad it didn't set me back too much!

The Makeup Revolution stand was right next door to the MUA one so I got quite excited to notice they had the Power Pout in the shade "Crazy in Love" in stock as this is the only one of the six available that I didn't own. I now have a full collection of MUA Power Pouts and I couldn't be happier - they're a great super affordable alternative to other lip crayons on the market such as Clinique Chubby Sticks, or even their Revlon and Bourjois counterparts! This is a gorgeous plum shade that I can tell will be worn a lot during the autumn!

What have you been buying recently?