From Left to Right: Crazy in Love, Rendezvous, Runway, Irreplaceable, Justify and Broken-Hearted 

Crazy in Love, Rendezvous

Runway, Irreplaceable

Justify, Broken Hearted 
Today's blog post is about my most used lip colours EVER. The MUA Power Pouts are the budget brand's contribution to the explosive lip crayon trend. Prior to picking up my first few of these, I had only ever tried the Revlon Balm Stain in Honey, which I still love to this day. I'd seen a few reviews of the MUA versions online and my fellow staff at Superdrug (where I worked at the time) were also quite excited by them. After deciding £3 was definitely an amount I could part with and falling in love with every single colour after swatching them on my hands, I set out to own the entire collection. A few weeks back, I finally completed my collection.

So, what are my thoughts?

I am a little underwhelmed by the packing - although there is only so much you can do with a crayon type product, I am quite frustrated by how loose the the lids are on these - twice now I've stained my bedroom carpet because the lid has slid off and I've dropped the pencil on it. The balms themselves are also very, very soft. If it's warm, be careful, especially near your cream bedroom carpet!!

Thankfully, these are my only gripes with this product and have nothing to with how they actually perform. At £3, I am rather impressed with the lasting power. The initial colour tends to last around an hour on me providing I don't eat or drink in that our, but more surprisingly, despite no marketing claims that this product is a stain, they do leave a stain. The stain lasts a good few hours on me and it's great for days where I have no time to touch up. They are a little drying after a few hours though, but nothing a bit of lip balm or reapplication can't deal with.

As for the colours themselves - I love them! Funnily enough, with the exception of Crazy in Love and Irreplaceable, the colour of the crayons themselves seems pretty irrelevant. While I can guarantee Crazy in Love is a deep plum shade and Irreplace is lovely deep hot pink, the rest are not what I expected.

Rendezvous for example, looks as if it should be nude, but it's a delicate, my lips but better pink shade on my lips. Runway looks as if it should be bright red, but it straddles the line between pink and red. You'd expect Justify to be orange, but instead it's a lovely, delicate, peachy pink. Finally, you get Broken Hearted that isn't the bright pink one would expect.

Because I swatched every shade before purchases, the colour surprises were not at all an issue for me. My favourites in the set are definitely Crazy in Love, Rendezvous and Irreplaceable. Since owning these, I've barely touched any of my other lip products because they tick all my boxes for me! I really, really like them.

One final note - they do have a slightly minty taste to them - it doesn't last long at all, but worth noting for those who prefer flavourless products.

Have you tried the MUA Power Pouts?