Two events coincided with each other at the end of July that pushed me to treat myself to some items I had been eyeing up for a while. First of all, for the first time since moving out in January, I had ended the month not in my overdraft. Secondly, Delilah Dust announced it was getting rid of all current stock and was offering 20% off to boot. I just had to make use of all these events coming together! there something that rings a little funny about what I just said? Yes, you may have noticed I said the end of July, but it is the end of September that I am writing this post. As gorgeous as the items I have received are, I am thoroughly unimpressed by how long they took to arrive. Although the website states to allow plenty of time for your order to arrive as all items are handmade and there is only a team of three working on them, it still took far too long.

After around 3/4 weeks of waiting for my order, I decided to contact the store to ask if they had made a start on my order and when could I expect it to arrive. They apologised for the wait, explaining the manager had been unwell and said my order would be sent to me straight away. So, I waited. I waited. I waited. When my parcel did eventually arrive, 3/4 weeks after they said it was coming "straight away" it took me a while to remember what on earth it could be...

Thankfully, the items I received were absolutely beautiful. Not quite fantastic enough to justify the wait, but still very pretty all the same. Currently my office is my favourite part of my flat as it's the only place I've properly furnished. The two amethyst chunks are the perfect decorative addition to my little haven and make it look very much my own - quite a feat for a rental property!

As for the is so sparkly. This is more my own fault for not reading measurements, but it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, however this has only made the necklace daintier and prettier in my opinion. The chain is the perfect length and I am so very, very pleased with it. I think it will look AMAZING with the hot pink dress from my Missguided Haul.

Because of my delivery experience, I'm not willing to recommend Delilah Dust to anyone, but if you're happy to wait indefinitely for pretty sparkly jewels, it might just be worth it.