Outfit Details:
Glasses: Specsavers
Dress: Primark
Belt: Miss Selfridge (very old)
Boots: Boohoo

Today's post is a very honest one. I've not got any makeup on in these pictures and I'm actually wearing my glasses rather than hiding them away. I see a lot of comments floating around the Internet complaining that a lot of bloggers must not actually wear the outfits they post, or people want to see more "what I wore to work" appropriate posts and this is my response to that. More often than not, I can't be bothered to get my contact lenses into my tired eyes very early in the morning and more often than not, I'll opt for an extra half hour in bed rather than putting my face on. This is genuinely what I look like when I turn up to the office!

So this is one of the dresses I featured in my Primark Haul last week. The day I wore was the gloomiest, most miserable day ever and when I turned up to work, everyone remarked what a contrast with the weather my dress was. As I mentioned in the video, I was very, very self conscious about actually wearing this but I'm glad I took the plunge. Looking at these photographs, I'm really happy with it and can't wait to wear it again.

Unfortunately this dress is quite see-through so I had to wear a long black vest top underneath to make it appropriate. It's also quite shapeless on my frame so a pretty waist belt was an essential. I quite like that I have to wear a belt with it though. I think the thick black belt breaks up the BRIGHT YELLOW a little bit, making me more comfortable and the outfit a little bit more wearable. 

Finished off with my boots, this outfit is yet another winner for me!

How do you feel about yellow?