Operation Supervixen: Where Does Arbonne Fit In?

Operation Supervixen is my own personal transformation programme. In July 2014, I decided I was utterly fed up of being miserable, unwell and feeling like I wasn't reaching my full potential in life. To combat this, I decided I was going to radically transform my diet, maintain an exercise routine and centre my leisure activities around personal development. To keep me accountable and help others in the process, I started Operation Supervixen.

Recently it has become quite clear to me that Arbonne will play a large part in my own personal transformation. Today, I wanted to explain why. 
Arbonne Nutrition

Perhaps the most obvious part Arbonne has to play in my transformation is via it's exceptional nutritional range. My personal recommendations are the protein shakes, immunity support drinks and the vitamin D spray. They also do an amazing herbal blend tea which is delicious. The nutritional range has expanded a lot this year, particularly in the UK and there's some great new products I can't wait to try. Pairing Arbonne's range of vitamins, supplements and health products with a healthy diet is going to do me a world of good. 

Arbonne SeaSource Detox Spa Range

As I am essentially attempting to detox my life of negativity and things that no longer serve me, it makes sense that I would reach for a range of bath and body products that help shift harmful toxins from the body. Yes, not only does this range of products offer me the best pamper night in existence, but it genuinely does my body good in the process. 

Arbonne Skincare 

A big part of myself I am aiming to improve is my confidence levels. I am an introvert and people often mistake my quietness and poor conversational abilities as downright rudeness. I am also pretty damn shy which doesn't help the situation. While I accept that I am not naturally outgoing and "crazy" or "loud", I do think that a bit of extra confidence would help me when meeting new people and help them to understand I am not rude or ignorant. 

One thing that boosts my confidence massively is having gorgeous skin, and Arbonne's premium skincare lines are helping me get there! 

Arbonne Cosmetics 

Let's be honest, my skin isn't going to be perfect every day, so sometimes I need a little help disguising myself! I really do love wearing makeup. I enjoy the application process, I adore how I look with my face on and the truth is, I do take pride in my appearance. When I've got perfectly winged eyeliner and a bold lipstick on, I feel unstoppable. 

Of course, when you're wearing makeup that melts off your face after 10 minutes, that feeling of confidence fades too. In Arbonne, I've found a range of cosmetics that stays looking good all day long, leaving me feel great about myself all day long! 

At the time of writing this post, I was an Arbonne Independent Consultant. To learn more about what this means, please click here.