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Today I'm sharing the tips and tricks I use and believe help make my life a little bit better on a daily basis. Admittedly this is is another post I've stolen from my old blog, although this time I have tweaked it so it contains more current information. 

I am currently bursting with ideas for good Vixen Thinks posts but unfortunately, I am strapped for time and energy at the moment, so I'm utilising the materials available to me (past writing) so I can keep my blog active and make sure when I do post completely fresh content, it's up to the high standards I set for myself.

In the meantime, please enjoy and make use of my positive living tips!

Develop a Good, Comforting Morning Routine

My ideal morning routine would currently go something like this: 
  • Wake up when my alarm goes off
  • Spend 10 minutes or so before the next snooze goes off checking up on any messages/notifications I've received overnight and tend to my Pou
  • Get out of bed, make my bed and hop into the shower 
  • Apply skincare and makeup and do my hair 
  • Put on a banging outfit for the day
  • Have a breakfast of either porridge or yoghurt with honey, nuts and seeds accompanied by a smoothie and a tea or coffee
  • Take the 40 minutes walk to work to get my workout and endorphins for the day 
At the moment, I struggle most days as I'm battling inexplicable exhaustion again, but the days I do manage something that resembles this, I feel absolutely fantastic. 

I personally believe morning routines are so important because you know what to expect every morning and you can set up a good tone for the rest of the day.

Do One Good Deed for Another Everyday
There's nothing like doing something for someone else to make you feel good in turn. I'm not talking huge, grand gestures, although they are just as good, it can be something as simple as leaving a lovely little message on the Facebook wall of a friend you haven't seen for a while. I like to leave anonymous messages on Tumblr for people that are full of love - they never know it's me, but I know I've made their say a little bit better. You'll never be truly happy if you keep all your happiness to yourself, so get out there and spread it!

Note to self: become an anonymous Tumblr angel again! 

Start Writing Gratitude Lists

This is a tip I learnt from Gala Darling but it's one I've had to share, because there's nothing like turning your attention to the good in your life to really brighten up your day. In my gratitude lists, I list all the things I am grateful for that day, I write about aspects of my life I am loving that day. I write about simple things such as the sunny weather or bigger things like my mum's upcoming wedding. When you actively take time out of your day to write something as positive as this, you are choosing to recognise the good in your life and I dare you to try tell me you don't feel at least a little uplifted after writing a gratitude list! Eventually, noticing the good over the bad becomes a natural habit.

Say No to Gossip

A quote I admire, I believe it comes from Eleanor Roosevelt, states "small minds discuss people", and it's oh so true.

Sadly, I'm a sucker to gossip, a few years ago it was reading Perez Hilton. After that, that horrid Livejournal community I can't bring myself to name. In university, I was a horrid gossip and spoke about anyone and everyone outside my friendship group. More recently, I'll admit to keeping up with that forum

And do you know what, not only does gossip make me miserable, it makes me goddamn boring as well. I find people who can hold a conversation without once mentioning someone else in a negative way absolutely fascinating and so uplifting to be around. 

When you're not wasting energy thinking or reading bad things about other people, your mind is forced to think about and discuss other things with people. It really removes such a negative influence from your life.

What you think about other is often a reflection on yourself, so what on earth do you gossip habits reveal?


I feel like we've all heard this one before, but it really works.

While I've suffered from depression from around the age of 15, there have been two large episodes in my life where I feel it has been at its worst and I have hit rock bottom. 

There is however, one big difference.

This first time, I locked myself in the room, I got no fresh air, no exercise. I genuinely feel like I fell apart during this time in my life, I considered suicide and it took me forever to claw myself back out again.

The second time was this year. This time, I had to get to work and this meant I had to get 80 minutes of exercise a day while walking there and back. 

The rock bottom I was expecting? It never came. I was able to get the help I needed. I felt goddamn awful, but there were pleasant bits every day, it wasn't the constant blackness I'd experienced before. 

I know I've got exercise and fresh air to thank for that. 

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Personally, I find this one quite hard to do literally, so instead, I make sure the people I follow on Twitter etc are positive influences. I recommend unfollowing people who moan about everything. Delete the negative people from Facebook or if that will really cause too much of a rift for you, just hide them from appearing on your news feed. Make inspirational boards on Pinterest. Follow Tumblr blogs that focus on the good rather than the type that is full of "my life is so hard boohoooooo" quotations and images. When you remove as much negativity from your life as you possibly can, you're forced to focus on the positives. It makes you practice being positive yourself. Slowly but surely, you won't have to work hard to be happy, it will start coming to you naturally.

So, these are my tips to ensure you have plenty more good days rather than bad ones! These are all things I have implemented into my own life and use on a daily basis and they have worked wonders for me. I've found during my journey to becoming a happier person that a lot of advice out there isn't applicable to me. You've got to pick and choose the advice that works for you, continue what works, and ditch what doesn't. Happiness is a choice and it takes work at first but the harder you work, the easier it gets and who doesn't want to be happy?