Arbonne Clear Control Set [PRODUCT REVIEW]

At the time of writing this post, I was an Arbonne Independent Consultant. To learn more about what this means, please click here.

I've been plagued with terrible skin since my teenage years. A combination of an incredibly poor "skincare routine" and a bad, bad diet means I still suffer from acne at the ripe old age of 23. I've tried every product going for my skin type, along with lotions and potions from the doctor. Admittedly, one cream given to me by a doctor did actually help a lot, but it dried my skin out terribly and it began to peel. Not a good look and totally defeated the point of me wanting the cream in the first place! 

Imagine my excitement then, when Arbonne, a brand I have grown to love and trust, brought out its very own skincare set targeted at acne-prone skin.

The Arbonne Clear Control set contains four products: the Clarifying Blemish Wash, Clarifying Blemish Toner, Clarifying Blemish Lotion and Clarifying Blemish Calming Cream.

It is the skincare set I have been waiting for!

First off, I love the way the products in this set smell. It's so familiar to me, yet I still haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what it is. It's incredibly inoffensive and subtle, but it's there and I appreciate it. 

The face wash is great. You only need a pea sized amount to properly cleanse your face and afterwards my face always feels smooth, non-oily and refreshed. 

After I've washed my face, I follow with the toner which is now a must have product for me. I've tried a lot of toners targeted at blemish prone skin but none have been as effective of this. Again, only a tiny amount is needed. I just drop a bit on some cotton wool and sweep it around my face. It tingles a little if you've got an open blemishes on your face, but otherwise it's soothing and seriously helps with the condition of my skin. 

When I've applied the toner, I use the direct spot treatment, which you apply to individual spots. This is great for reducing redness and soothing those really painful under the skin bumps. In a few hours, size is visibly reduced and it's fantastic. 

Finally, I apply the lotion which is fantastic. I like to think of it as a booster for the toner. Again this soothes my skin, helps reduce redness and over time, along with the rest of the Clear Control Set, has seriously helped my skin. 

I personally have not had any problems with dryness when using these products, although there is a warning on the packaging that you may wish to introduce it gradually into your routine to combat dryness. Because these products do not contain any SPF, I have always followed the lotion with the FC5 O/C Day Moisturiser and perhaps using this alongside Clear Control is why I've had such fabulous results. 

No, my skin is not perfect yet, and perhaps it never will be. My main problem is my diet still contains items which I KNOW really aggravate my skin! However, since I started using Clear Control, I have seen a major difference in my skin! When I was using the products in this set on a daily basis, consistently and not messing around adding or taking away products from my routine, my skin was the best it has ever been. I had no new blemishes for weeks, just my scarring to contend with. I'm so pleased Arbonne brought this range out.