Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream [Product Review]

At the time of writing this post, I was an Arbonne Independent Consultant. To learn more about what this means, please click here.

Having been absolutely dazzled by the Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation, when Arbonne released their own CC Creams last year, I just knew I had to get on board. Having just repurchased my second tube of this, I'm happy to say these are a winner! 

Arbonne promises the CC Cream will:
  1. Act as a primer
  2. Protect skin's moisture
  3. Act as a concealer
  4. Act as a hydrator 
  5. Minimise shine
  6. Brighten the skin
  7. Cover blemishes
  8. Refine pores
  9. Soothe skin
  10. Perfect the look of your complexion
So how did I find it to match up with these claims? With the exception of one point on this list, I think it lives up to these claims. Personally I find that the Arbonne CC Cream leaves me looking a little bit shiner than other base products, however, it's nothing a little powder doesn't sort out! 

When using this product, I don't use any primer because I simply don't need it. Sometimes, I do use concealer, but that's just because I feel comforted knowing I'm wearing everything I can to hide my imperfections. 

As for hydration, my skin never feels dry or tight while I wear the CC cream and while I would always use a moisturiser alongside it, I don't feel like skipping my moisturiser while wearing this would have a huge impact. 

I love how this CC cream hides my dark circles and it hides my pores away nicely, giving me a lovely complexion.

Like all Arbonne products, its lasting power is great too. As you only need to use a tiny amount of product each time, a tube will last you ages. I also get full day's wear on my face from each application, no touch ups required. 

As well as the slight shine issues, I will say that unfortunately, the Arbonne Intelligence CC cream only comes in four shades and even the lightest shade is a smidge too dark for me, especially now it's Winter. That being said, the fact that this acts as "perfect skin in a bottle" for me far outweighs the need for powder and looking a little darker than usual! 

GOOD NEWS: Usually £30, the Arbonne CC Cream is now on offer for just £24 until 31st December 2014! What's even better is that if you sign up to Arbonne as a Preferred Client or a Consultant, you get the usual discounts on top of the £6 discount Arbonne is currently offering. Isn't that amazing?! If you're after a heavy duty, won't budge, cover-all base to keep you going through Winter, I so recommend this product and there isn't a better time to pick it up than now!