The B. Glowing Shimmer Block in Just Peachy is the second shade of this product I've purchased having bought Blush last year, which I have already reviewed. For a quick recap on Blush, I loved it! Although I found the packaging a little dull, the product itself is so very pretty to look at, the shade was perfect and you can get a few hours wear out of it.

Unsurprisingly, I feel pretty much the same way about Just Peachy. The most notable difference is that since I picked up Blush, B. have updated their packaging! I much prefer this clear, see-through lid. It means the pretty product can be seen and allows you to easily see what product you're looking at.

Although quite similar, I'm glad I did decide to pick up Just Peachy in the end. It's a brighter shade than Blush and applied extremely lightly, it can even act as a nice shimmery highlighter. I do however recommend being careful when piling on this product, the line between gorgeous shimmery peachy cheeks and looking ridiculous is a very fine one!

However, I'm actually leaning towards liking Just Peachy as an eyeshadow palette even more than a blush! I like to use the white shade as a highlighter on my brow bone, the deepest pink in my crease and the golden pink shade on my lid. It creates a lovely rose gold eye look you can see in the picture above. It lasts very well on my eyes - all day with primer!

What do you think, Blush or Just Peachy?