Original Image via Pixabay
This year is my first ever Christmas where I've got my own home to decorate! Sure, I didn't live at home during university, but because I spent most of December at home anyway, it felt pointless decorating my house in Aberystwyth. This year, I'll be in my own house right up until Christmas Eve, so I feel like I must decorate. Even more exciting is the fact that I really do live alone. I was expecting this to be my first Christmas spent with my boyfriend in our own home, but we all knew that didn't happen. Had I stayed living with him, I imagine my Christmas decorations would have been very traditional. But, because I'm riding solo, I can have a Christmas tree and decorations that are totally me

First up, I want this white tree. White is the perfect backdrop for all the pink decorations I am intending to buy! My space for a tree is limited so I think this five foot one will do me quite nicely! 

Next up, pink reindeers!Because I'm planning to go crazy with the pink, I figured I better get some reindeers so there's at least something Christmassy in there. 

Pink glitter stars...need I say more?

Pink hearts. I am a walking cliche, I know. 

Almost garish tinsel? Had to be done! 

And finally, a massive selection of regular baubles in various shades of pink to fill my tree in nicely! 

What do you prefer at Christmas: more traditional designs or do you like to go your own way?