a selection of dishes from my favourite buffet, homemade pizza, Crown and Glory goodies, toffee and chocolate cake for my colleagues, homemade caramelised onion soup, experimenting with new outfits and makeup, re-entering the YouTube world, playing around with Arbonne Christmas goodies 
In nearly two years of blogging, I can't believe this is just my 16th Instavixen post. In all honesty though, I go through phases where I don't want to write them and decide to scrap it as a feature. I rarely read this kind of thing on anyone else's blog so why should I clog my own blog up with something I wouldn't read elsewhere?! However, I do enjoy writing these weekly diaries and while my readers may not, this is my blog at the end of the day and I like having things just for me on it! As much as I love good stats and lots of followers, this blog just wouldn't be as fun if I based my content entirely on other people's needs! ;)

The first week of November has been a good one so far. I haven't quite gotten over the shock that it's already November 2014 yet, I'm pretty sure the last 10 months of the year didn't happen, but I'm doing pretty OK at turning myself around this month and hitting my goals. I haven't experienced an overnight transformation, but I'm am progressing steadily towards the Emily I want to be again and that's good enough for me. I've been enjoying consistent blogging and my favourite thing at the moment is experimenting with new outfits and makeup, hence the increase in selfies!

Sadly, the time of year is threatening to overwhelm me and sabotage my efforts to become my better self because as I write this, I've got a major cold going on. I panicked at first, thinking it was perhaps my yearly bout of flu, but thankfully it's just a nasty cold. Even so, while I don't feel as deathbed-like as flu makes me feel, I'm still struggling to do anything enjoyable today and going to the supermarket to replenish my fridge nearly destroyed me. Curling up with some Lemsips to commence after I hit publish!


Reading: A Storm of Swords Part One and The Chimp Paradox. Unfortunately I've not been making time for reading recently, perhaps being ill the perfect excuse to speed up my progress again. I've read the latter before and it's great reminding myself of a mind management programme I used to find very effective. It has definitely contributed to my productive week and even helped me have a conversation with my boss I've been too nervous to have before.

Watching: My horror movie watching pretty much failed in October, so I've turned back to TV series again! I've just finished that majorly disappointing series of Doctor Who, I'm still majorly enjoying the Apprentice and my currently Netflix series of choice is the 4400. I also FINALLY watched the first episode of American Horror Story: Coven and am super excited to watch the rest!

Listening: I've gone quite old school recently and have started listening to a lot of Hole and Garbage again. Marina and the Diamonds is definitely my current favourite right now though, super excited for more new tracks!

Wanting: More pink. I substantially increased the size of my wardrobe last week and was horrified to realise I haven't added anymore pink. I've since stumbled across the perfect pair of pink boots, pink coat and pink purse and managed to convince myself I need them all.

Aiming For: Sorting out my cold and blisters on my feet as they are both major barriers to how productive I can be!

Loving: Sugary strawberry laces, Frosties breakfast bars, my bed, my blog, the social side of Arbonne (OK, all of Arbonne)

How has your week been?