Forever 21 Tops 

Forever 21  Bottoms, Primark Shorts 
It's a truth universally acknowledged that one is more likely to get the exercise they need if they have cute workout wear to do it in - Jane Austen (probably. Pretty sure she said that. Yeah).
Today, I want to talk to you about cute workout wear and how essential it is to my exercise routine. Sure, not having nice clothing to exercise in doesn't physically stop you from doing and it certainly has no impact on your performance. Personally though, my grey jogging bottoms are ugly and not actually for jogging, but rather lounging around the house when I want to be comfy and warm and seen by no one.

In March, I realised my situation in the workout attire department was dire. I was just about to begin roller derby when I realised I didn't even own a sports bra, which, admittedly, is actually something that will impact the success of your workout if you've got breasts! I soon realised this situation must be rectified ASAP and I began scouring the Internet and shops for exercise-appropriate clothing now that I was getting serious*~ about my exercise routine. My need for it became even more pronounced when I signed up to do the Race for Life!

The bulk of my stuff comes from Forever 21 which has a gorgeous range of leggings, yoga pants, hoodies, sports bras, shorts and other workout apparel. What I really love about it is the choice of different colours and well, how tight everything is! The last thing I want when I'm zooming around on eight wheels is lose clothing getting in the way!

I'm particularly a fan of my gorgeous hoodies and jackets from F21, the pink is so vibrant it'd be great for night time runs (if I wasn't too scared of men to leave the house when it's dark that is, but we'll talk about that later) whereas the grey one is just the perfect amount of sporty and girly for me.

I'm also very happy with the shorts I picked up from Primark later on in the year. It quickly became too cold to wear them, but in the short time I've had a relationship with them, they've been great. The black ones make me feel like a proper gym bunny, while the pink ones are nice and fluorescent and super duper comfy.

Of course, I wouldn't get anywhere without my trusted trainers. When I saw their gorgeous pink and black design, I just had to pick these Reebok ones up! They are amazingly comfy and of all my workout clothing, they get the most use! The only shoes that don't give me blisters on my 40 minute walk to work. They are a life saver.

What's your most motivating piece of workout wear?