Last month I placed an order with Crown and Glory. I've been fancying one of the gorgeous little witch hat headbands for ages and I'd been eyeing up the Lotta Rosie Floral Headband in Strawberries in Cream to match my bridesmaid's dress for my mum's wedding.

I'll say straight up that unfortunately, my items did not arrive in time for either Halloween or my mum's wedding. At first I was quite disappointed with this, I ordered nearly two weeks before I needed the headbands, thinking this would be enough time. Naturally, they arrived at my workplace the day after I'd left for a week's holiday, which just frustrated me even more.

However, all was forgiven when I finally got my hands on these products! I decided that perhaps I should have enquired beforehand when I could expect my items and paid extra for delivery if necessary. Considering all Crown and Glory items are handmade, I decided that it was my own mistake for not paying for faster delivery!

My forgiving attitude arose after I saw how simply gorgeous Crown and Glory products are. My little witches hat is the perfect size for my tiny head and it's so adorable. I love the glitter and it feels so very super sturdy. I like that it comes on a nice metal Alice band rather than elastic or plastic, it makes it feel like it's much higher quality and it will last a lot longer than many other headbands I own.

The Lotta Rosie Headband too is so gorgeous. Thankfully, the multiple shades of pink mean it is well at home in my wardrobe, so it doesn't matter that I bought it for a special occasion, I can still get wear out of it. I am a little bit scared of the Whole Lotta Rosie headbands as I have a very small head and I think they would overwhelm me, but sometimes I do fancy a bit of a statement headpiece and this headband perfectly fits the bill for me.

The roses feel very secure on this headband and again, it's metal so it sits where I like it to and I know is going to last me a very long time.

This is actually my second Crown and Glory order - last year, I ordered a Christmas Pudding Headband. Ever since dressing up in 2 year old's Christmas pudding fancy dress outfit from Poundland for a Christmas night out in uni, I've had a weird attraction to Christmas pudding related clothing. This meant I had to get this headband. I'm so glad the festive season is back so I can wear this again!

Isn't it cute?