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It has been a while since Emma Watson gave her (in)famous speech about feminism to the UN as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Despite this though, I think it raised some issues that are still very relevant today and sadly, probably will be for a long time to come. 

The thing that got me about Watson's speech was, it wasn't exactly groundbreaking. In fact, it was the most watered-down, man-friendly feminism I've heard for for a long time. 

While I agree with some of the things Watson said, I'm not here to praise her speech and sit here nodding my agreement, rehashing what she has said. While I do believe she has demonstrated flawlessly while feminism is still needed, it's the reaction she received for "daring" to speak out for her rights rather than what she has said.

Despite her speaking out for men who are taught not to express themselves, despite her rehashing that feminism means women are equal, not better, despite her claiming she herself has been very lucky with her own experiences, despite not touching on issues of race, or those who are transgender, Watson still received horrific threats after giving her speech. 

A large portion of the actor's speech focused on how gender inequality affects men, not just women, she was still told that her nudes would be found and leaked online. She was accused of upholding the very stereotypes she is fighting against. Other women started attacking her. 

Whether you agree with what Watson has said or not, one thing is absolutely clear: the backlash she received for daring to mention her support of feminism is absolutely disgusting. How can anyone say we live in a world where feminism is outdated, or not needed, when people are attacked for saying they would like to stand on equal ground to other people in this world?