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This past fortnight or so, I've noticed a huge amount of criticism on my Facebook timeline and Twitter feed. People suddenly seem to be going crazy about the things other people, people they have never met and probably never will do, choose to do. From Kim Kardashian's arse, to Zoella accepting an offer to appear on Band Aid 30, people just seem to be getting so angry about the things other people are deciding to do.

Today, I want to speak specifically about Kim Kardashian's cover on Paper magazine. I am sure that I do not need to link you to the images in question, pretty much everyone has seen them by now. Just in case though, basically, Kim K has appeared in a magazine, naked, very oiled up and emphasising her generous derriere. Besides a shot from behind, there's also a full frontal naked pic knocking around as well.

Admittedly, I was shocked to check my Twitter at work that day just to see fanny and boobs. I never go on Tumblr at work because I know it's NSFW, but it was quite a shock to see that much nudity on a morning on a site that is generally quite safe for me to look at during work hours. Beyond this though, Kim Kardashian posing naked for a magazine literally doesn't affect me in any way.

And yet, it seems to have personally outraged the people I'm friends with on Facebook or follow on Twitter! I've seen comments like "She has enough money, why would she do this?" or "She's a mother now, she has no business doing a photoshoot like this!" 

In short, there's a whole lot of female sexuality policing going on here. God fordid a gorgeous woman wants to show herself off.

If a woman wants to choose to pose nude, if she wants to get paid for it, then she has every right to go for it. It doesn't matter if she's a mother (pretty damn sure KK is not the first mother to pose naked you know) and it doesn't matter if she's already rich, other people's financial sitautions are not your goddamn business. I'm sick of the idea that people with lots of money who continue to earn more money are inherently bad.

Of course, there were genuine concerns about the photoshoot floating around. Obviously the photographs in question were Photoshopped and I do support conversations about the impact this has on the public. I've also seen some worrying articles about the racial connotations of the photoshoot. In my opinion, these are the valid opinions about Kim Kardashian in Paper Magazine.

What's not valid, is slamming Kim because she chose to do something you wouldn't do, because she doesn't meet your definition of morality, because oh, boohoo, she earns more money than you ever will.

This issue of Paper Magazine literally does not affect you, if you don't like it, close the page when it shows up on your social media feed, go look at something else, look at media you do like. Don't sit there spouting off about stuff that only makes you angry because you choose to let it make you angry!