Wow. So this week, I took all of one Instagram photos! To be honest though, the lack of pictures pretty much sums up the lack of things I have done this week! Last weekend, I went out on Saturday night to Frankie and Benny's in Basingstoke and about halfway through the meal, realised I wasn't feeling very good at all. By the time we got home, I was in major panic mode because every year since 2009 I've had real flu roundabout this time of year and I thought it was happening this year too. Thankfully, it ended up being just a particularly nasty cold, but even so, it has really knocked me out for the week. I had a full day off work, a work from home day and any plans for being productive or eating well just went out of the window!

Thankfully, now it's Sunday I'm feeling majorly better. After giving myself the gift of a lovely lie in, I got up, did Leonie Dawson's Best Day Ever Meditation (see sidebar links on right) and started my new exercise plan. Since then, I've been majorly productive. I have finally got round to cleaning my entire house from top to bottom, I had a really productive video chat with a new friend and I've got myself back into the swing of preparing proper meals again. 

Here's to hoping the cold is gone for good and I can carry on my successes from today over next week as well!


Reading: Storm of Swords Part One. I stayed up until 2am this morning reading it because it's so good, even if Jon and Ygritte make me weep. I'll definitely have finished it within the next few days. I've also been trying to start reading non-fiction alongside my novel of choice at the moment too, but sadly The Chimp Paradox has been very neglected this week.

Watching: American Horror Story Coven, which is my favourite series so far and I've finally taken up Buffy and Charmed again after taking a few weeks off. I'm on season four of both and have just watched the funniest episode of Buffy so far - one involving an interesting roommate! 

Listening To: Marina and the Diamonds' new track Froot. I did my budget for December a few days ago and realised I am in a much more dire situation financially than I initially realised and I'm having to be so tough on myself, meaning I haven't even pre-ordered Marina's new album much to my dismay. So, listening to Froot, which is available on YouTube, on repeat. 

Craving: Sugary goodness. Give me flapjack, give me cake, give me chocolate, give me strawberry fizzy laces, please

Looking Forward To: Getting back on my feet this week, a media lunch in London, organising the work Christmas party, seeing a special someone

Lusting After: The Arbonne Nutrition set. After being so ill last week, I need the good stuff back in my life! I've yet to try the new Fizz Sticks and want to so badly, plus the Anti-Oxidant and Immunity Boosters are a seasonal essential. 

Aiming Towards: Falling back into the 6am wakeup routine, keeping up my new workout programme, starting the next GoT book, getting all my case studies finished at work (rock n roll week guys!) 

What have you been up to this week?