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Wow, what a week it has been. I started Monday off on a high after actually managing to get out of bed in good time and have a productive morning before I'd even got to work.

On Wednesday, I got have a bit of a lie in and then I headed off to London for a media lunch. I cannot believe how truly unbelievably spoiled I was, it's days like that where I'm so happy to have landed my journalist job. I went for a free meal at the China Tang restaurant in the Dorchester hotel. The wine was free flowing and we had an amazing buffet of superb Chinese food, which had sparked a new obsession with hoi sin duck, oops! I was pretty impressed by the dumplings too.

Thursday was another good day. I went back to roller derby after two weeks off and had a great session. I worked so damn hard and it paid off, I beat my personal best for 27/5, completely put me in a good mood and I really improved my sticky skating (when you skate with all 8 wheels on the floor).

Things started to quieten down by Friday and there my week stops getting so bloggable! I've also got a pretty chilled week next week before the Christmas madness begins!


FEELING: a bit crap if I'm honest. I think it's a seasonal thing. I've got a doctor's appointment booked for Friday which can't come quick enough.

READING: the same as last week unfortunately! A Storm of Swords and the Chimp Paradox.

WATCHING: same again! Buffy, Charmed, AHS: Coven and The Apprentice!

LISTENING TO: a bit of everything at the minute, all my favourites: Wednesday 13, Marina and the Diamonds, Hole and Garbage.

AIMING FOR: pulling myself back together after feeling so rubbish this weekend and finishing the books I am reading and catching up on my To Do List!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: roller derby on Thursday! The Christmas lights switch on in my tiny town.

LOVING: hoi sin duck! Chinese food in general after going off it for so long! Doubt any I can get round here will be as good as China Tang though!

LAUGHING AT: the awkward moment when I had to ask for a fork at China Tang

PLANNING: my festive activities for December, the Christmas presents I'm responsible for getting hold of this year

What has your week been like?