Argh! So two weeks ago I managed to only take one Instagram photo during the week and this week, I have zero! Unfortunately, at the beginning of this week, my phone decided to die. It started crashing on me at the weekend, but if I just pulled the battery out, it would start working again and crash again in like, an hour. Sadly by Monday, it was crashing every 2 minutes, making it pretty damn unusable. Thankfully, I was only one month away from being able to upgrade anyway, so it wasn't too expensive to buy myself out of my contract and get a new phone. I've just checked my tracking number online now and it's predicted to arrive tomorrow, YAY!

Embarrassingly, I have really struggled without my phone. I thought it might be quite nice to get a little detox from it, but honestly, not having it around has been a huge struggle. I feel so out of the loop with all my Arbonne friends, I hate being glued to my laptop because I keep getting Facebook messages, I've re-downloaded all my social networking apps to my Kindle which used to be a sacred social media free space and in my attempts to get my old phone to work I've managed to get my phone to switch on long enough to know I've got work-related voicemails from PR companies, argh! Also imagine my horror when I had an evening full of macarons or my man friend gifted me with flowers and chocolate and couldn't Instagam them! The pain!

Phone issues aside, this week has been a fairly uneventful one. I don't know where it's gone or what I've done with it! I was busy having an actual social life on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which I suppose accounts for some of the "what have I even done recently" feeling but even so! I guess I lose a lot of my life to sleep.


READING: Nothing. I haven't picked up a book for over a week, shameful.

WATCHING: the 4400 with my gentlemen friend. We really love it and have had a lot of time to watch it this week. Also still on my AHS/Buffy/Charmed spree too. Working on cutting down my monthly outgoings but I refuse to make Netflix one of the casualties!

LISTENING TO: same old, same old. Although I have been feeling very nostalgic so my old favourite Sugababes has fallen into the mix too.

FEELING: angry. There's a lot going on in the world right now that invokes feeling of anger and the need to DO something in me. I imagine you'll be seeing more about this soon...

WANTING: sleep. I seem to want a lot more than usual of this. Stupid insomnia is back so I'm little miss tired all the time again. I also want Christmas decorations but having a hard time justifying the cost...

AIMING FOR: feeling a little less lost when my new phone arrives, finding a gorgeous new case to fit my new phone, being a little more pro-active on my free evenings this week  and enjoying the social life that comes with December, finalising the work Christmas party plans TOMORROW, finishing my work-related To Do List by 5pm Friday.

I should hopefully have some more interesting things to share next week, watch this space!