What WE Wore: Brilliant Bridesmaids

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, my mum got married the other weekend. It was an absolutely amazing occasion for my family and I am so happy this wedding has finally happened.

I won't go into too much detail about the wedding itself as it was a personal family event but considering my bridesmaid dress is probably one of the best things I have ever worn in my life, I just had to do a bridesmaid outfit post! I also get the chance to show off my beautiful sisters in this post!

Our stunning dresses were from a shop I have long coveted: Vivien of Holloway. These high quality satin 50s style dresses were so perfect. Our shoes all started off white - not sure where they're from - but we sent them off to get dyed to match. We also all wore matching necklaces and earrings we received as gifts just before the big event.

Lastly, I am GUTTED I didn't get a picture of my makeup as I was really proud of it - think I'm definitely going to have to recreate it for the blog.

Have you ever been a bridesmaid?