At the very beginning of November, I set myself the goal of not making excuses for why my life wasn't going the way I wanted it to anymore. While I had some excellent days during the month, my life still looks pretty much the same as it did before and yep, I still make those pesky excuses. However, the month wasn't entirely wasted and I feel I've got some important lessons to take away with me.

Sometimes I Have REASONS, Not Excuses 
In the second week of November, I got ill. Around October/November every year since 2009, I have come down with the flu. I'm not talking a cold, I'm talking influenza here. Luckily, I have managed to escape it this year, but I did get a very, very nasty cold. Although it was nowhere near as bad as I'm used to at this time of year, it still really knocked me out for a week. I realised that no matter how good my intentions are, sometimes I really do have a reason to stay in bed all day.

Willpower Alone Is Often Not Enough
This month I've had cigarettes, I've had Domino's Pizza and I've bought lunch from Tesco rather than taking it from home. Basically, everything I wanted to stop doing this month. I've blamed it on being stressed, being ill, being tired. While it would be nice to overpower these urges, it would seem a little more help. I've recently upped my dose of antidepressant to help deal with underlying issues that cause me to feel ill/tired/stressed and do things I don't really want to do and I'm looking into ways to make my willpower a lot better.

Waking Up Early Only Enhances Your Life If You're Getting Enough Sleep
At the beginning of the month, I was obsessed with the idea of waking up a 6am, doing a workout and getting ready for the day with enough time to relax and have breakfast before I got to work. On the nights where I slept, this routine was great and definitely something I'd like to carry on with. Unfortunately, my insomnia is back and I am having a lot of trouble sleeping at the moment. I've realised that sometimes, it's better to just get the sleep you need rather than try and be the girl who does it all.

When I Do Cast Aside My Excuses, I Am Damn Capable 
The days where I got up at a time I wanted to, the days where I worked through my To Do List, I felt amazing and I got a lot of stuff done. When I made the effort to cook food, get out of bed, work at my desk, not get distracted at work, I was productive and felt better for it.

...But I Need To Stop Over-Estimating What I Can Achieve In A Day
Even on the days where I was practically perfect, I still never completed an entire To Do List. I've now realised that I need to plan the time certain things will take and take that into account when I right my daily tasks down. Setting realistic goals means I can actually achieve them and stops disappointment when I don't get everything done when getting everything done was an impossible task anyway.

Did you learn any important lessons last month?