1. There will come a point in your life where you have to do something that everyone you care about is telling you not to do. Make sure you do it.

2. A relationship is not inherently bad because certain aspects of it didn't work to begin with. Good things take time.

3. You can hide yourself away, you can completely destroy your life as you know it, hit rock bottom, but there will always be that little voice in your head that tells you it's worth it to keep going.

4. How to write like a journalist versus how to write essays like a student.

5. How to use the tube in London.

6. Sometimes a man singing happy birthday to you can change everything.

7. Go and see your favourite bands when the opportunity arises, you never know when your last chance will be.

8. Change is really, really hard, especially if you experience lots of massive changes all at once, but that difficulty is often much better than things remaining the same.

9. You can care about the world and the dreadful things that go on in it and still be a happy person.

10. You outgrow things, people, hobbies, interests. Sometimes it's for good, sometimes it's forever. It's all fine.

11. Living alone, I mean ALONE, is a seriously liberating thing to do.

12. For every malicious act, there is an astounding act of kindness to counterbalance it.

13. Friendships can be found in the most unlikely people.

14. You are much, much, much stronger and more resilient than you realise.