1. Don't Make Resolutions That Don't Resonate With You - I've yet to read a list of New Year's Resolutions that doesn't include something vague along the lines of "be healthier, be fitter." I see it so many times, more often accompanied than not by words like "I know I should do this and everyone's saying it," and it just makes me wonder...how many of you resolving to do this actually want to do this? How many of you are saying you'll do this because you feel like you have to?

2. Be Selfish - Too many people say they can't do something because of the way other people will react to it. I say, do exactly what you want to do. Unless it directly harms someone else, you shouldn't put your dreams on hold because someone else said so. 

3. Stop Hiding Behind Destructive Habits And Calling It Self Care - Yes, it's true, we all need duvet days every now again where we binge watch an entire TV show on Netflix, but when you're doing this all day, every day at the expense of your life collapsing around you, it's not self care. Learn to recognise when you're coddling yourself and you actually need to slap yourself round the face and do something with your life. 

4. Stop Apologising For Your Blog Content - After Christmas, I saw so many bloggers saying "sorry if you don't like this kind of post, but I really wanted to show off my Christmas presents anyway." Just stop. It's your blog, everyone's doing it, show off your goddamn presents if you want to and don't preface it with "sorry, but..." 

5. If You Hate Blogging/Social Media/Whatever, Don't Do It - I've seen a lot of people moaning about blogging not being what it used to be and other similar things recently and if you genuinely feel that way, why do you continue to force yourself to remain a part of this community?

6. Be Honest - Don't hide your opinions, don't feel obliged to share opinions with people, when you mess up, say so, when you do something great, own it. 

7. Don't Post Other People's Business On Social Media - I've recently had to unfollow a blogger because she kept constantly talking about her neighbour's personal life and it enraged me. Social media is all about engaging with other people and sharing your life online. If your neighbour is going through some personal stuff, that really isn't your information to share online. 

8. Compete With You, Not Others - Look, we all know comparison is the thief of joy yadayada, so this year, instead of competing with other people, why don't you try and outdo yourself? I promise it'll be a lot more satisfactory. 

9. If You Want To Make A Change, Make It Now - Not at the New Year, not on a Monday, right now. Otherwise, how much do you even want said change? 

10. Always Give 100% In Every Area Of Your Life - If you don't want to or can't be bothered, evaluate whether you need this in your life or not and act accordingly. 

11. Learn To Separate What You Really Want From The Things You've Been Told You Want - Do you really want a full time job, a nice house, flashy car, or has society told you you want this? 

12. Learn The Difference Between Unnecessary Spending And Treating Yourself - If you don't have money to spare, you can't treat yourself. If you're living well within your means and haven't had a bit of new makeup or new dress for months, then by all means, treat yourself. 

13. Try Something New - Stop eating the same meals, going to the same restaurants, hanging round with the same people. Change is good

14. Failure Is Only Possible If You Stop Trying - Very few people succeed at huge life changes the very first time, but if you give up then and there, you eliminate all chances of succeeding. 

15. Remember To Take What You Like and Leave What You Don't While Reading Lists Like This On The Internet