Original Image via Pixabay.
1. Your friends now probably won't be your friends later. It will probably hurt at the time, but one day, you'll realise it's for the best.

2. Your boyfriend is not the be all and end all of life. Whether you've been kissed, had sex, been in love, whatever - it does not define you.

3. Wear whatever you want, there are more important things in life than what other people think. Hell, everything is more important than what other people think.

4. The decisions you make about what GCSEs to do, what A Levels to take etc will not define the rest of your life.

5. 19 might be your last year of having -teen attached to your age, but believe me when I say you are not an adult at this age.

6. Same goes for 16, you are not as grown up as you might feel or think you are!

7. If mum and dad don't want you getting piercings and tattoos, don't do it under their roof! Wait until you move out - when you're living in their house, living off their money, it's plain rude to disrespect their wishes.

8. Be brave about your mental health. People will try to dismiss anything emotional as "hormones" but I firmly believe I'd be a lot better off now if I'd got myself treated for depression aged 15, 16, even as late as 17 if I hadn't been convinced it was puberty making me that way.

9. The decisions you make about drinking, smoking, eating unhealthily, doing drugs and so on might not hit you now no, but believe me, carry on like you are doing, and you'll be exhausted at 23. Like me.

10. You don't have to listen to people like me, nope, but you might find yourself agreeing with these points in a few years!