Ah change, the only constant in life! 

Since 2014, I feel like my life has been in a constant state of change and I've lacked stability for the longest time. 

I began the year in Wakefield, 20 days in, I moved to Newbury to live with my then boyfriend and his parents, we moved into our own house in Swindon shortly afterwards, we broke up and I had to live in Baughurst, Hampshire for around four weeks, until finally settling in my own house in Tadley, Hampshire in June. It was insane and not something I recommend anyone doing, ever. 

Besides that, I had a new job, a totally new part of the country to get used to, new friends to make, finances to get in order, all manner of adjustments. 

It felt like literally everything about my life had changed all at once, and to be honest, it really did.

Fast forward to 2015 and I am finally feeling a little bit more comfortable. I have been in my own flat for just over seven months now and it really does feel like home to me. I know my way around my town, and Basingstoke, quite well now. I'm used to the 9-5 lifestyle, even if my body isn't. I'm in a new relationship. The things that were chaotic in 2014 seem to be rectifying themselves.

And yet, there are still so many changes to make! 

Since 2013 perhaps, I've been trying to completely reinvent myself and this year, I promised myself I would. 

Better health, more exercise, a new look, an active blog, group of friends, thriving businesses. That kind of thing. 

My trouble is, I want everything at once! And as 2014 proves, trying to do everything takes its toll on me! 

Part of me knows I won't just wake up one morning and be the person I want to be, but part of me feels like if I change gradually, and there's no definitive OLD EMILY/NEW EMILY line, it won't feel like I've transformed.

Change, it's a weird one.

How do you approach change? One thing at a time? All at once? How do you deal with unexpected change? Does your approach work well?