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Hello everyone! Today is the second anniversary of my blog's go live date, hooray! I can't believe its just two years I've been calling The Glitter Vixen my own little home on the Internet, but there you go. Despite blogging for many, many years before 2013, it wasn't until I started this blog that year that I realised just how much I enjoyed it and started to get "serious" about it.

Because it's my blog's second birthday today, I thought I'd take the opportunity today to share my blogging journey so far with the world.

Aged 11 in 2002 or some distant year like that, I got my first ever website. I'd played around with a few different hosting providers and ideas, but the one that sticks out most in my mind is one I called Ice Cream Sundae. In all honestly, all I remember about this site is the sickly sweet pink layout I made, as for content, I have NO idea what I had on there!

After using diabolical free hosting providers (remember Geoshittiescities anyone?!), I finally let my dad know I'd been building websites and learning HTML, Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro and I think he was quite pleased that we shared a similar interest, so he started hosting my website on his record store website.

This little website was called Black Rose and besides creating loads and loads of free graphics for people to use, I also had a "blog" on here which let's be honest, was more like an online personal diary! One Christmas, I decided I was bored with the Black Rose and asked for a domain name for Christmas, which ended up becoming my next website, Toxic Illusions. Toxic Illusions was pretty much the same as Black Rose if I'm honest!

At this stage in my Internet journey, my biggest passion was definitely design. It blows my mind now, in the present day, that I had the ability to code an entire website from scratch. I used HTML, CSS and PHP by the time I got my domain and was able to make my websites look exactly how I wanted them to. Besides this, I was a "pro" (haha...) on Paint Shop Pro, before later discovering Photoshop.

In around 2004/2005, I started getting bored of web design and I stopped doing it for a while, but Myspace soon came along. I was grateful for my days of web design because it meant I was able to tweak my profile page so it was exactly how I liked it to be. In fact, I HATED Facebook because I couldn't do pretty things with it!

As for blogging, the closest I ever got to blogging in these days was long-winded bitchy "Bulletins" on Myspace about how much I hated being "copied" by other girls in my year, or "subtle" messages to the boys I really, really fancied. I did do a few posts similar to things I put on The Glitter Vixen in this era though, I'd often make posts about my days out with my friends (yeah, I'm amazed I once had a social life too) although they were a bit more personal than the ones that appear on here!

After Myspace died, I went a long time without doing anything even remotely related to blogging, until 2009 when I started university. I'd just started reading Gala Darling and within about a week, I needed a blog of my own, which is when Hanging in the Blossom Tree was born - the blog I was writing before this one!

For a while, Hanging in the Blossom Tree was again, a personal online diary, with the odd opinion piece thrown in here and then. It wasn't until I discovered LLYMLRS, Gh0stparties and Milkteef a little later on, that my blog finally got interesting! I finally started doing style posts and beauty reviews after being inspired by this trio and finally, people started reading my blog.

During the lifetime of Hanging in the Blossom Tree, I also started the Blossom Tree Chronicle, my current affairs blog. Every day I'd scour the Internet for news I had an opinion on and then write my opinion down. The whole point of this blog was to build a portfolio for when I applied for the BBC Journalism Apprentice Scheme. I was unfortunately unsuccessful in this venture and ended up shutting that blog down in the end.

Towards the end of 2012, I started getting bored with Hanging in the Blossom Tree. I hated all my old content and I had grown bored of the name. I didn't want to go back and delete all the old stuff as it was time consuming, but just trying to upgrade the new content wasn't working for me. I changed the layout a few times, working hard on coding and Photoshop for the first time in ages, but in the end, I realised I needed a brand new blog that was a much better representation of me.

And that's when The Glitter Vixen was born. I started writing it at the very beginning of January 2013 and introduced it to the public on 28th January.

Now, here I am two years later and I can't wait to see what I'll be writing this time next year!