As it's a brand new year, I wanted to take some time to lay out my vision for The Glitter Vixen in 2015. As with many other goals I set at the beginning of 2014, my goals for this blog did not really come to fruition. Moving house four times and starting my first full time job meant I just couldn't manage my time effectively enough to fit blogging in for a very long time and then my mental health made blogging very unappealing for a while. 

I'm going to use this year to hit the targets I set myself last year, but also make some rather large changes that I didn't see coming until recently. 

No More YouTube
As I've mentioned a multitude of times, I'm finding managing my health, my job and spare time a rather difficult task. For this reason, I've decided to put my YouTube channel on hold indefinitely. The poor lighting in my new flat and my inability to invest in studio lighting at this time mean that the quality of my videos just isn't up to scratch. I know I can do better, but it's going to require more time and money and learning than I can afford right now. I've decided for now, it's definitely better to focus all my energies on this blog instead, so rather than producing mediocre content across a variety of platforms, I can produce my absolute best content by directing my attention entirely to blogging. 

No More Beauty 
This is a tough one because beauty is easy, effortless content for me. I said earlier on that I will never, ever run out of beauty related products to review and this is still very true. My appearance is still something that is very much important to me, as is my Arbonne business, a big part of which is sharing my opinions on the products in this space. However, writing about beauty just doesn't light me up in the same way anymore. I'm pretty bored of writing 1-2 reviews a week and my stats tell me that so are my regular readers. Beauty won't entirely disappear from this blog, but for a very, very long time now, I've been wanting to move away from product review after product review and write content that genuinely gets me excited. I thought the new year was a perfect time to begin this process properly. 

More Personal Development and Positivity 
In place of beauty content, I want to start writing more posts that are genuinely helpful for you, the reader. The most important thing to me this year is personal transformation. I've become a very shy, reserved, pretty damn boring person over the past two years or so and I've been stifling my own potential. I'm dedicated to becoming the person I can and want to be this year and I want to share this journey on the Internet in the hopes I can inspire other people to begin leading the life of their dreams. 

Join the Blogging Community Again: for the vast majority of 2014, I completely stopped participating in the blog community. Not only did I stop replying to my comments on this blog, I stopped even bothering to publish them! I didn't join in Twitter chats anymore and never showed my face in the variety of blogging Facebook groups I am a member of. In 2015, this will be different. You can bet you'll always get a response to comments, I will be a regular sight in Facebook groups and a great contributor to Twitter chats. I'm hoping I'll make lots of new friends along the way!

So, that's what you can expect from me this year. Are you making any changes to your blog?