From Left to Right: Favourite Stocking Fillers, Cheeky Takeaway, Selfie, FOTD, Arbonne Country Garden Palette, Sticky Toffee Latte, Another Selfie, NYE OOTD/OOTN, Best All You Can Eat EVER, I got a free Kindle book, my boyfriend's gorgeous fox cushion, finding an unexpected treat in my handbag! 
Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new feature on The Glitter Vixen. Alright, you got me, it's not new at all. I've been wanting to try and find a new name for my Instavixen feature for ages, even toying a round with my last few posts in the tag. I love my little play on Instagram and wanted to keep it, but I also wanted the title to reflect that this post is also a round up on the things I've been doing that week, rather than just describing my Instagram photos for the week. I decided to admit defeat when it came to coming up with a creative title and went for the obvious Instavixen Round Up.

What a week it has been. My Christmas festivities with my family wound down at the beginning of the week and I headed back down South on Tuesday. Amazingly my journey was hassle free and even the hour wait in Birmingham wasn't so bad with my Costa Coffee in one hand and my Kindle in the other. I spent one night in my freezing flat before fleeing to Swindon to enjoy some New Year's celebrations.

New Year's Eve was fabulous. I'm really not one for crazy drunk celebrations, so I was more than happy to head to my favourite all you can eat buffet for the night, overdose on Chinese dumplings and wash it down with some white wine. Simple, yes, but I really enjoyed myself and most certainly entered 2015 with a big smile on my face.

After that, I've just been enjoying having the time off work. I did have plans to visit Bournemouth and then a new butterfly house I've found, but I've been so bad for oversleeping recently that my plans didn't happen in the end. Rather than be sad about cancelled plans, I've just been enjoying having time to do absolutely nothing and trying to recharge my batteries before I go back to work properly and I inevitably start placing pressure on myself to start working towards my 2015 goals.


Reading: Since I last wrote an Instavixen post, I've raced through the Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series and I am now on Feast for Crows. For my personal development reading, I am working on How To Win Friends and Influence People.

Watching: While I was at home I was watching Buffy and Charmed, but since heading back down South I've finally finished 4400 which I loved but was glad to see it ended before it got too ridiculous and I've just started Marco Polo which is a lot better than I hoped!

Listening To: Marina and the Diamond's latest Froot of the Month - Immortal. I think this might be my favourite track on the new album so far. I am seriously looking forward to receiving the whole album in April, but glad I've got three new tracks to look forward to in the meantime.

Playing: Neopets! I was feeling a little bit nostalgic while I was at home and managed to retrieve the password for my old Neopets account. As I've had lots of free time, rather than it turning into a one off, I've been playing on it a lot. It'll probably stop when I go back to work though :( (yes. I am a child when it comes to gaming.)

Aiming To: Start easing myself into the detox diet I'm planning on starting. Need to start weaning myself off chocolate, dairy and caffiene, as well as upping my fruit and veggie in take so it's not too much of a shock for my body when I go full on cleanse mode!

Feeling: Reluctant to go back to work! However, I've also been quite optimistic about the year ahead, despite ending 2014 on a particularly low note.

Looking Forward To: Having a solid routine again although that does of course mean going to work, eating some proper food, having some time and space to myself, roller derby on Thursday, receiving my blender, getting my TV and beginning a purge of possessions at the weekend.

What's your week been like, vixens?