Cheeky McDonalds breakfast, a slightly healthier lunch, a healthier dinner, the essential that is my hot water bottle, my Shining Year Workbook, Arbonne protein shake, cute fox doorstop, affirmations, I got a Chromecast, and a TV to go with it! 
Phew, my first full week of 2015 and of course, first week back at work, are done and dusted! It has been an interesting one for sure. Prior to Christmas I had been feeling very tired, very exhausted, making it difficult for me to perform and concentrate properly at work. I was well and truly burnt out. I had hoped that two weeks off over Christmas would help the situation, and while Monday and Tuesday actually went quite well, I felt right back at square one by Wednesday, boo!

With that in mind, I've decided to stop messing around and truly throw myself into the detox diet I've been planning for what feels like 38509327620 years. My work with Arbonne means I have tons of health and nutrition information at my fingertips, as well excellent products to complement and enhance a healthy lifestyle, and I figured it's time to start using the wealth of knowledge I have available to me.

I've already started cutting down on the rubbish I usually eat and introducing better choices into my meals in preparation, as you can see from my salad and stir fry pictures above. However, some time this week my blender will be arriving and from a week tomorrow, I'll be following the Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond plan. I'll be cutting a lot of stuff out from my diet for a while and introducing a lot more fruit and veg than I normally eat.

I've lost track of how long I've felt ill and doctors have been baffled by it. I've had so many tests done and they always come back negative. It's not my thyroid, it's not diabetes, it's not anemia and so on and so on. I'm hoping doing a detox will be the answer. So fingers crossed!

Feeling sick and tired aside, it's been a pretty good week. I haven't done anything spectacular, but it's just been so nice to be back in my own house, in my own bed, and have a proper routine again!

I had intended (oh Emily, SO FULL of good intentions...) to have a fairly productive weekend and get certain aspects of my life completely in order but of course, I've spent most of it asleep. Old habits die hard! Might be a new year and as much as I wish I could be a new me, I'm really not. I finally got a new TV though having not had one since I moved into my house in June, but even getting that set up has defeated me. Gonna get my man to come look at it tomorrow ;)

I've decided to not beat myself up about any of my shortcomings this week, as I had intended January to be a month of recovery rather than perfection anyway! It feels nice to be kind to myself for a change!


Reading: Just blogs if I'm honest! I've kinda forgotten about the books I'm reading this week, but it's good to actually be on top of my BlogLovin feed for once!

Watching: Charmed, Buffy and Marco Polo whenever I spend time with my gentlemen friend. I really, really love Marco Polo and probably would have finished it by now if I wasn't watching it with someone else...

Listening To: Spotify! I took the plunge and invested in Spotify Premium because it's only 99p for THREE months at the moment! Since then I've been listening to Zoe London's Girl Power for 2015 playlist, Who Run The World? (Girls) playlist and the radio based on Courtney Love which is my favourite thing ever. YAY MUSIC.

Loving: Music, curling up on my sofa with my laptop on an evening, finally doing my laundry and planning badass work outfits for the week ahead, sleeping in my own bed, seeing my friends at work, coffee!

Wanting: My blender to arrive! I'm also desperate for some new makeup but considering I never wear any anymore and I own loads I just can't justify buying any more! I'm also having to be SO SO SO frugal at the moment. Despite FINALLY getting a payrise just before Christmas, I've gotta be super sensible and pay off the debt being severely underpaid got me into before I can enjoy being £5000 a year better off...!

Aiming For: To spend this week slowly weaning myself off my beloved tea, coffee, sugar, pizza and chocolate before my detox, plan my meals for my detox and get all the ingredients I need ready to go so I have no excuses come Monday 19th!

How has your week been?