Selfie and showing off the Arbonne mineral foundation, indulgence at work, actually cooking myself a meal come evening time rather than not eating after breakfast, my blender arrived, I did an amazingly healthy food shop, I made my first smoothie with my blender, my Holland and Barret order arrived, I finally fixed my new TV and my Chromecast works beautifully! 
Well, I'll tell you what, I sure am looking forward to crawling into my bed tonight! I'm absolutely insanely exhausted. Although I haven't officially started my detox yet, I've been doing a "pretox" of sorts this weekend and already I'm seeing the difference that fresh fruit and veg can make to my lifestyle. You see, this is the first Sunday that I can remember in a long time where I haven't slept all day! This feels like a huge achievement for me as I am horrendous for falling asleep at really, really bad times and never getting anything done because of it, so although yes, I'm knackered, if this detox stops me sleeping during the day, it's going to be great!

Although this week has felt like a very hectic week for me, it's probably not much fun to read about. I suppose my busiest day was Thursday when I was in London for a conference, but otherwise, it has been plain old work as usual. I finally managed to get my TV sorted today - I'd been having some problems with assembling the stand because the screws that came with it were NOT fit for purpose, but today I took it up to the DIY store and they helped be find some screws that fit and here I am now with a functioning TV, hooray! 


Reading: Because I had a lot of travelling to do this week, I finally picked up the two books I was reading again: A Feast for Crows and How To Win Friends and Influence People. I don't mind reading two books at once, just as long as they're not both fictional, but I'm struggling at the minute because the Song of Ice and Fire series is SO amazing, I don't wanna do the personal development stuff because I just wanna race through this series of novels!

Listening To: The two new Wednesday 13 songs that are available in the UK, Iggy Azalea (I know she's a prick and a half, but I do love her music, sorry!), The Donnas, lots of girlie playlists. The usual really! 

Watching: Just Buffy! I was starting to get stressed out switching between different TV shows (Charmed and Buffy on rotation) so I've decided to finish season four of Buffy, then finish season four of Charmed. My viewing companion for Marco Polo has sadly been absent this week and I'm missing it terribly! Also wanting to start something new soon, but so much choice!

Looking Forward To: I'm actually spending two nights in Manchester next week for another work-related conference. Although yes, I'll be working most of the time, I'm being put up in the Hilton Hotel and getting free drinks and food etc so I'm actually quite looking forward to it. 

Aiming For: I really want to start a "proper" detox but I'm unsure how I'm realistically going to fit it into my life. I was going to start it tomorrow, but as I've said, I'm going to Manchester and I just won't be able to keep up with it while I'm away. So my goal is to stick to the Arbonne detox plan on all the days I'm at home. Considering all I've had is three smoothies and healthiER dinners this weekend and I'm already perking up health wise, I don't think this will be too much of an issue. 

Wanting: Matte finish liquid lipsticks! I've finally found two affordable brands that don't test on animals that are offering the kind of things I'm after but I have to wait until my financial situation has sorted itself out, boo!

What's your week been like lovelies?