Original Image via Pixabay
Original Image via Pixabay
It's Always Darkest Right Before The Dawn

The first quote that I live my life by and use to keep me going through tough times is a very well used one that many people are aware of. Despite this, it's one that really only grabbed my attention properly in the Garbage song "Control" which appears on their latest album Not Your Kind of People. This album was released shortly before I left university and therefore was the soundtrack to one of the darkest and most difficult periods of my life. 

Now, whenever I'm struggling, when bad things are happening and I can't see an end to it, I sing "it's always darkest right before the dawn" to myself to remind me that better things are on the other side. 

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing 

Again, the second quote that means the most to me is Garbage related. While I've always, always loved the lyrics to this song, it didn't become one of my favourites until after I heard it live, again, shortly after I finished university and was struggling to adapt to my new life. 

"The trick is to keep breathing" is a line that has so many different interpretations to me, all of which have significance and importance in my life. 

When my anxiety is particularly bad, remembering to breathe is often a huge help. When my depression is particularly bad and I start questioning my ability to continue living, I remind myself that all it takes to keep on living is to keep on breathing. 

Of course, quotes aren't a magic trick, a cure all, but these two in for particular for me hold special meanings and I can draw comfort from them when I begin to lose my way. While inspirational, motivational quotes are great, it's reminders like the two above that I often need the most.

Do you have any quotes that are very important to you?