You may have noticed that despite a strong start in January, my posting became more and more sporadic and this has actually ended up being my first post in February. You may also have noticed that I ditched my "regular" content, such as outfits, beauty reviews and the Vixen Thinks, for well, whatever I felt like at the time.
I promised myself that in January, I would treat blogging as it is: as a hobby. Although I wrote a post title for every day of the month, I decided not to stress myself out and write everything weeks in advance and post whenever I felt able. I ditched the titles that didn't speak to me as much as others and made sure I wrote the ones that did. 

So how was it?

All in all, I really enjoyed it. Writing about random ideas rather than sticking to the topics I always blog about inspired me as I wished it would and it was nice having regular content go up but not feeling like I had to do it and giving up when I didn't meet my "schedule." 

Although I've missed taking outfit photos and sharing them very much, it's kinda nice to know that while I work on improving my photography, I've got other content to tide me over and I am relieved from the duty of posting sub-par outfits just because I've taken the photos, despite said photos not being as good as they could be. 

However, I've also learnt that there is a balance I need to achieve. As I mentioned, my posting became more and more sporadic until it died out completely at the end of the month. 

I think what I need to do next is work on scheduling more content when I'm in a writing mood so I've got "emergency" or "backup" posts for when I have long periods of "cba" towards blogging just so I can keep some kind of consistency going. 

What about you, have you found a blogging routine that works perfectly for you yet?