Wagamamas, Fruuli at Cafe Rouge, Chocolate Owl, new Arbonne goodies, new recipes to keep me inspired on the healthy eating front, flowers from mummy, artwork in my living room

Hello there, long time no blog! Although, if you've read my previous blog posts, I'm sure you can understand why! As you may or may not know I've spent the past fortnight off work on sick leave, generally trying to pull myself back together again and most importantly relax and recover! I had my checkup on Friday and although I want longer off, my doctor and I have agreed I will go back to work a week tomorrow because if I leave it too long, I'll never go back. So, one more week to sort my shit out...!

This week has been a nice one. Most of the best bits were crammed into three days so I've been very, very exhausted this weekend but it has been nice having time to actually enjoy myself. On Tuesday, my mum, stepdad and one of my sisters came to visit and it was lovely. We went to Cafe Rouge which was delicious as usual and my sister finally got to see where I've been living since June!! The day after we went for a crazy long walk around Silchester where a roman settlement used to be and then went shopping in Basingstoke. My lovely mummy treated me to a new blouse while we were out so I'm ready to go back to work looking a lot better and more put together than I did in the days running up to getting signed off!

The second highlight of my week is something I've done two weeks running now and am hoping to keep up for weeks, months and YEARS to come - I've FINALLY made it back to roller derby. And oh boy, I have missed it! This Thursday just gone was particularly amazing as I could feel myself getting better and better during the session and I pushed myself so damn hard that the endorphins were crrrraaazzzyyy. Been a while since I've felt that good, but also so bad at the same time because man, my muscles weren't happy with me the next day ;)

So, I've now got one more week off work and I'm planning to use it wisely. I'm really planning on upping my healthy eating and dramatically increasing the amount of fresh air and exercise I get because it genuinely really helps. I've also got a bit of life admin to take care of but because I'm not in work I can do it at a realistic leisurely place without stressing myself out like I would if I tried to cram it all into the weekend! Nervous about going back but at the same time, I can't wallow in that, I need to make the time off I've had seriously count!


Reading: nothing because I currently suck at life! Gonna buy the next Song of Ice and Fire book tomorrow and get going again! Had to do a bit of withdrawal from the series because my obsession levels were getting dangerous.

Listening To: a bit of everything! Mainly Wednesday 13, Iggy Azalea, Marina and the Diamonds and Lily Allen.

Watching: I've FINALLY jumped on the Pretty Little Liars hype and I'm addicted. I try to NOT binge watch TV and vary series, so traditionally I would watch one episode of PLL, one of Buffy, one of Charmed and repeat but I've somehow ended up watching no Buffy, no Charmed and multiple PLL episodes at once. Totally hooked!

Looking Forward To: spending a bit more time on the blog again, starting a new exercise routine, the mega chocolate and berry smoothie I've got waiting for me tomorrow morning.

Wanting: to relax a bit more and realise going back to work isn't the death sentence I currently feel it is.

How has your week been?