Unfortunately, I am going to be taking an indefinite blogging hiatus. As regular readers have no doubt noticed, my posting habits are becoming more and more sporadic and my content is steadily declining in quality.

When I started this blog in January 2013, I was so, so, so enthusiastic about it. I loved my name, I loved my layout, I loved my content. I was genuinely proud of my blog and happy to share it with anyone who would listen. Sadly, that's just not the case anymore.

A combination of factors such as dealing with depression and extreme fatigue, building and growing my career/full time job and trying to rebuild my life after I pretty much tore it down in January 2014 means I lack the motivation and energy to continue blogging at this time. It's just not something I enjoy anymore and it's not something I'm willing to try and push back into my schedule when I know I can't produce the high quality posts I used to be capable of anymore.

I need a break. Minus the frustration being exhausted is causing me, I am really enjoying my job at the moment and have recently taken on board a new role which will provide me with great opportunities in the future. I'm excited about this and I want my energy to be largely focused here, and to be honest, being in the office 40 hours a week kinda DEMANDS I spend the vast majority of my energy there.

It's also hugely important to me that I improve my health and relationship with my boyfriend at the moment, both of which are taking up my time and both of which I refuse to compromise on. 

In my spare time, I just want to relax. I have been reading books, watching TV and playing computer games aimed at kids. It's stupid, but I would rather play Star Stable than whip up a week's worth of posts at the moment because it's nice to escape into a fictional world after work where I've got candy coloured hair, a badass wardrobe and some super cute horses.

This is not the end. I've already got ideas swirling around my head for what I want to do next, but for a while, at least, I just want to take a large step away from the Internet.

My hiatus will extend to social media too. I'm absolutely sick to death of the sight of Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. I'm deleting the apps from my phone, signing out of all my accounts on all the broswers and I use and I am disappearing for a bit.

I keep finding myself grasping for my phone everytime I feel sad or angry or annoyed, typing nasty little Tweets and then erasing them before I click post. I keep getting irrationally angry every time someone posts an opinion I disagree with. I hate how my day begins and ends with staring at my stupid screen. Social media takes up so much of my time and yet adds very, very little value to my life.

And, of course, I don't want any Pretty Little Liars spoilers either, I'm only on season 2!

So, this is definitely goodbye for now. My Internet presence is taking a long, long holiday. I know I'll be back, but for now, I feel like it'll be a while.

Thank you to everyone who stills reads this blog, and thanks in advance for those of you who will stick around. Lots of love xoxo

The Vixen Thinks: Punching A Colleague In The Face Should Be Instant Dismissal

The Vixen Thinks is an almost weekly feature on this blog. Posts vary in topic, I'll talk about anything I have an opinion on! From blogging to relationships to feminism and anything beyond. If there's anything you'd like me to write about, feel free to get in touch: theglittervixen(at)gmail(dot)com! Thank you!

Chances are, you read the title of this post and knew exactly what I was going to be talking about in today's Vixen Thinks post. For those of you who didn't, well, here's a quick rundown.

Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of world famous and incredibly popular vehicle-based TV show Top Gear, has recently been suspended by the BBC following rumours that he punched a colleague in the face because he was not happy with the catering spread provided for him.

For some reason, over a million people have signed a petition wishing for this man to be reinstated immediately.

And yep, like everyone, I've got something to say about that.

As I've seen many people arguing already: in every other career if you punch a colleague in the face it will be an instant dismissal. Unless you're a boxer, no matter what job you choose, physical violence is considered gross misconduct. Not to mention assault is a criminal offence.

And yet, because Clarkson hosts one of the most popular TV shows in history, people somehow, including our goddamn Prime Minister, seem to think he should be able to get away with this.

Thing is, in some cases, I can totally understand why people resort to physical violence. I often feel like punching people who insult my family, insult me, criticise my decisions. Thankfully I never act on my violent impulses, but it means I understand where other people are coming from.

But Clarkson, has allegedly hit someone over food. Clarkson is not a poor man. He is not struggling. If he was unhappy with the catering provided, he could easily have bought his own damn food. But no, apparently, punching your producer is the logical way to deal with this.

The man has issues. Not only does he need removing from his job, but he clearly has some anger management issues he needs to work on. I wouldn't want to be in a work environment with this guy. 

This isn't even the first time he's acted out of line either - he was already on his last warning from the BBC! I know this world isn't fair, but really, the right thing to do in this position is GROW SOME BALLS and SACK JEREMY CLARKSON. It will send a very strong message that behaviour like this is unacceptable, regardless of your station on earth.

I know a lot of people will read this and assume I'm a non-driving woman who hates cars and yes, this is true. But what's also true is I actually really enjoy Top Gear. It has been known to have me in hysterics, the kind of laughter where you just can't breathe. It's a great show. And it will survive without a racist, violent presenter.

What do you think?


Outfit Details: 
Beret: H+M
Coat: Topshop
Blazer: Boohoo
Dress: Primark 
Shoes: Primark
Glasses: Specsavers
Bracelets: Superdrug 
Watch: Everything5Pounds
Ring: Superdrug 

Today is one last ancient set of outfits photos before I (hopefully) begin posting up to date and recent outfit photos again next week! I couldn't resist posting theses ones because I adore this outfit and it's nice to see me actually wearing my glasses in photos for a change as I so rarely show them on the blog. I also love it when I get a complete set of photos showing the jacket, coats, accessories etc I was wearing because I love seeing this on other blogs. Sadly it was so long ago I can't remember the exact details of the makeup I was wearing, although my lips look like they might have a limited edition Arbonne gloss on them.

Onto the outfit itself then...I LOVE this houndstooth print dress from Primark so much. I'm a huge fan of this style of print and have been meaning to add some to my wardrobe for ages because I think it's a good way to make a workwear wardrobe less boring. I've seen loads on eBay and in my favourite shops like Missguided, but eventually, I stumbled on this Peter Pan collar number in Primark and knew it was the "one."

As houndstooth speaks for itself, accessorising and building the complete outfit was a doddle. I naturally went for the ever so trendy monochrome look, opting for black shoes, tights and jackets, with a mix of black and silver or white accessories. When it's cold my "dalmation" "fur" coat comes everywhere with me and I've been working hard recently to make the beret my signature look again.

All in all, this outfit is a 10/10 for me! 

Face Of The Week #1: The Everyday

Today I'm introducing a new feature to The Glitter Vixen. Since I've started back at work again after a three week absence, I've finally started wearing makeup again, hooray! As a beauty blogger and Arbonne Independent Consultant, I am overwhelmed with products to choose from each day. I either end up using exactly the same products for weeks on end, ignoring the rest of my extensive collection, or I try to use everything at once, ending up with a room that looks like a bomb went off in Superdrug and absolutely no clean makeup brushes.

In an attempt to streamline my morning routine and rotate my makeup collection on a nice equal basis, I've started doing a "Face of the Week" or, FOTW. Every Sunday night, I pick out the products I want to use on my face and do the same makeup look Mon-Fri, ready to switch again over at the weekend. This way I'm not running round like a headless chicken in the morning trying to work out what my face should look like, I'm not using all my makeup brushes resulting in a massive cleaning pile each week for me and I get to showcase looks that do and don't work. Not to mention, it means all my makeup will get used properly and if it doesn't, I know what to get rid of without regret.

Of course, in true blogger style, I have to share my efforts with me, so today, here's my simple, everyday makeup look.

Products Used: 
Arbonne Primer, Arbonne Concealer, Arbonne Mineral Powder Foundation, Arbonne Blusher in Blossom, Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter in Bronze (sadly not available), Arbonne Eyeshadows in Vanilla, Java, Sand and Smoke, Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude, Arbonne It's a Long Story Mascara and finally Arbonne Lip Liner in Pink Mauve with Lipstick in Rose Petal

As you can see, this results in a nice, simple, subtle every day look that one could easily get away with for school or work. I've really enjoyed wearing this as it's so quick and simple to do and it makes me look very put together with minimal effort. Perfect for someone who has just started wearing makeup again yet struggles to get out of bed to do anything more elaborate.

What does your everyday makeup look like? 

The Instavixen Roundup #7

More pug pictures, invite to my stepsister's wedding, Genghis the Shiba Inu, daffodils to brighten up my home, fancy dress at work, yummy breakfast
Again, yet another average week in my average life! Each day, work, eat, sleep, repeat! Thankfully there were some highlights this week that kept me smiling and broke the monotony a little.

Besides buying myself loads of gorgeous daffodils to brighten up my home and receiving an invite to my stepsister's wedding later this year, my boyfriend went to pick up his Shiba Inu puppy on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I went to meet him! The poor thing was terribly shy (he's much improved now, I'm told, I haven't seen him since Thursday morning) but so lovely. He was so cute running round the garden and he wasn't a fan of my boyfriend's brother so much and so kept nuzzling into me and cuddling me loads. I think James has finally settled on the name Genghis for him now and I can't wait to see him again now he's coming out of his shell.

On Friday, which I'm sure you're already aware of if you live in the UK, it was Red Nose Day. Everyone in my office came in fancy dress, baked cakes and had a tombola and we raised hundreds of pounds for the big day. It was so good to have a bit of fun and all of us getting in the spirit of raising money for a good cause, especially when we're so used to free cake! The picture I've included makes me laugh so much - the guy in the muppet mask sat on the floor OWNS the company and "Barbie" won best dressed which I'm glad about as I voted for her.

Sadly, I was MEANT to be dressing up as Daenerys Targaryen for the day but my wig didn't arrive in time so I had to do a make shift witch pronto!


Reading: Yep. You guessed it. How to Win Friends and Influence People STILL. I'm very, very nearly there though! Dance with Dragons, I'm coming for you!!!

Listening To: Marina and the Diamonds! Her new album is so wicked!

Watching: Mainly Charmed! I forgot all about Better Call Saul this week!

Playing: OK, this totally isn't limited to this week as I've actually been addicted to this game since the beginning of the year haha, but I've been embarrassed about it! However the obsession is STRONG now - I LOVE Star Stable!

Eating: SOUP! A super easy way for me to get my five a day and it's good enough for me at lunch that I don't end up running to Tescos instead and buying something with a distinct lack of nutrition in it.

Loving: Nice, relaxed evenings where I don't pressure myself to be "productive."

Wanting: I've been in one of those moods where I want to throw out everything I own and start all over again! My wardrobe seriously underwhelms be right now and a lot of my stuff is looking seriously tired, worn out and outdated. A girl can dream...

Hope you had a wonderful week xoxo

A Day At Crufts 2015

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to be able to visit the world famous dog show Crufts and to my absolutely delight, it was toy and utility dog day, so I got to see some of my favourite ever dog breeds.

My relationship with dogs is a funny one. I've never owned a dog, but my family have dogs and some of my friends did growing up as well. Unfortunately, one friend had a dog that was much, much bigger than me and it was quite aggressive too. It would often knock me over and I think because of this dog, I was really, really wary and uncomfortable around dogs for ages. Don't get me wrong, I've always found them super duper cute, but when it came to handling and playing with them, I was always a little nervous.

Thankfully, I'm much better around dogs now. When living with my boyfriend's parents for a few months, I had the pleasure of living with four dogs so I had to get used to being around them pretty damn fast! Even though it turns out I'm allergic to dogs as well (I had to take antihistamines every day while I lived there or it'd be horrid) I knew that one day I wanted to own one of my own.

The day I take my own puppy home is still a very, very long way away but heading to Crufts was certainly an experience to tide me over in the meantime! I got to meet so many new breeds of dog, many I had never, ever encountered before and also achieved my life long dream of cuddling some pugs. In fact, I cuddled LOTS of pugs. I was hoping getting up close and personal with a pug might put me off the breed but no, it's just cemented my love for them even more.

Some other breeds I liked were the Chow Chows, French bulldogs, poodles, chihuahua, leonbergers and these big fluffy things I can't recall the name of right now.

As well as wandering round and seeing lots of dogs, I also got to watch the agility trials and demonstrations from various doggy related organisations including the RAF and Police dogs. I REALLY loved the Police dogs, they were great.

However, besides the pugs of course, the highlight of my day was meeting the Shiba Inus. In fact, my boyfriend was so taken with the Shiba Inus that he decided to stop umming and ahhing about getting a dog and is picking a Shiba Inu pup up tomorrow! EEK!

The Instavixen Roundup #6

Cake at work, favourite perfume, lifesavers, new candle, cute desk plant, CRUFTS and finally getting a cuddle with a real-life PUG

I promise I didn't intend to do two consecutive Instavixen posts, but oops, these things happen! As you may or may not know, this week was my first week back at work after three weeks sick leave. Surprisingly it wasn't that bad - certainly nowhere near as horrific as I was expecting anyway. I made it into work every day Monday to Friday and I even wore makeup Mon-Thurs. I didn't quite write as many articles as I wanted to/was supposed to, but it was a huge improvement on the work I was doing pre-break and I'm feeling very pleased with myself.

One of the best things about being back at work was of course CAKE. I'm not kidding when I say someone brings a cake or six into the office every day and we all get to share. Internally, we even refer to our company with a cake-related pun!

As a result of office life, I've been getting to know the Arbonne In Bloom perfume very well, as I can't go to work smelling bad can I?! I am in LOVE with it and so pleased I managed to get my hands on it what with it being part of the limited Christmas range. Alongside my perfume, the air con at work has meant I've had exceptionally dry hands and lips, meaning Arbonne hand cream and the Lip Saver have been ESSENTIAL.

By Friday though, I was absolutely frazzled. I wanted nothing more than a packet of cigarettes and a bottle of wine. However, I decided to behave and I bought myself a candle I've been sniffing in Sainsbury's for months, along with the adorable watering can flower you can see above as a "well done, you made it" kinda treat. Much better than a packet of cigarettes I tell you, especially when I've seriously, seriously upped my fruit and veg consumption these week and I am starting to fell GOOD.

Yesterday, Saturday, was wonderfully relaxed. I got up super early and made myself a smoothie and nutritious breakfast and read my book for a while, decided I was tired and went back to sleep for a few hours. I got up, had some vegetable soup (!!!) and did my washing and cleaning for the week before I hopped on a train to Swindon in the evening...

READY FOR CRUFTS TODAY! Oh yes, the absolutely highlight of my week has been attending one of the world's biggest dog shows! I have had such an AMAZING time and of course, the highlight for me was meeting SO MANY PUGS, but we'll chat more about that later ;)


Reading: How to Win Friends and Influence People...still! Work got in the way of finishing it but I really want to get a move on now and get some ASOIAF back in my life!

Listening To: Mainly Iggy Azaelea and Wednesday 13, with a LOT of the new Marina and the Diamonds song Forget - I LOVE IT. Might be my second favourite of the new album, or even first!

Watching: Better Call Saul, Lilyhammer and Buffy. The epsisode where her mum dies. Many, many tears were shed.

Loving: Essie nail polish in Ladylike, Arbonne hand cream, Arbonne lip balm, strawberries, kiwis and the amount of fresh air and sunshine I've had!

How's your week been?

The Instavixen Roundup #5

Creamy garlic pasta, honeycomb cheesecake, nice smoothie, Milkybar Buttons, being productive, reduced strawberries, the best Sunday treats
I set out this week with the intention of solidifying some good habits in my life and clearing out a lot of junk, mental and physical in my life, ready for my return to work. While admittedly, I spent a lot of time asleep and didn't get as much as I wanted to do this week, I've still achieved a decent amount. No amount of preparation is going to make me feel ready to go to work tomorrow, but I feel like I've done as much as I can. 

I've decided to take a different approach to healthy living this week, where instead of focusing on cutting out everything I love from my diet, I focus on adding more good stuff to it instead. This has worked surprisingly well. I'm more than happy to have healthy meals throughout the day knowing that I can have some chocolate buttons or a bit of cake afterwards if they don't satisfy me. While I wanted to become wonderwoman who lives entirely on superfoods, I realise this isn't a realistic scenario for me at all and since adopting my new attitude of eating what I want while actively adding more fruit and veg in as well I've already seen a massive difference in how I feel, both mentally and physically. Long may it continue! 

Thinking about it, this week's To Do List was incredibly ambitious so I'm not surprised I didn't really get it done. I did however manage my all important wardrobe clearout which I have been desperate to do for so long. I've finally got rid of all the underwear that just doesn't fit me anymore along with the clothes I know I'm never, ever going to get back into and I feel a lot lighter for it, and excited to start doing outfit posts again.

To my readers, I have certainly not had the kind of week that is worth writing about and interesting to read about, but I've done a lot of internal work on myself and I'm feeling confident that adding work to the mix tomorrow isn't going to affect my recovery journey too much.


Reading: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I am hoping to get this finished tonight so I can then race through the last two ASOIAF books I have left in time for Game of Thrones starting again next month. *dies*

Watching: Better Call Saul, Lilyhammer, Pretty Little Liars - all quality TV!!!!

Listening To: "Hole" radio on Spotify. Full of classics I love! 

How has your week been?