On Sunday, I was lucky enough to be able to visit the world famous dog show Crufts and to my absolutely delight, it was toy and utility dog day, so I got to see some of my favourite ever dog breeds.

My relationship with dogs is a funny one. I've never owned a dog, but my family have dogs and some of my friends did growing up as well. Unfortunately, one friend had a dog that was much, much bigger than me and it was quite aggressive too. It would often knock me over and I think because of this dog, I was really, really wary and uncomfortable around dogs for ages. Don't get me wrong, I've always found them super duper cute, but when it came to handling and playing with them, I was always a little nervous.

Thankfully, I'm much better around dogs now. When living with my boyfriend's parents for a few months, I had the pleasure of living with four dogs so I had to get used to being around them pretty damn fast! Even though it turns out I'm allergic to dogs as well (I had to take antihistamines every day while I lived there or it'd be horrid) I knew that one day I wanted to own one of my own.

The day I take my own puppy home is still a very, very long way away but heading to Crufts was certainly an experience to tide me over in the meantime! I got to meet so many new breeds of dog, many I had never, ever encountered before and also achieved my life long dream of cuddling some pugs. In fact, I cuddled LOTS of pugs. I was hoping getting up close and personal with a pug might put me off the breed but no, it's just cemented my love for them even more.

Some other breeds I liked were the Chow Chows, French bulldogs, poodles, chihuahua, leonbergers and these big fluffy things I can't recall the name of right now.

As well as wandering round and seeing lots of dogs, I also got to watch the agility trials and demonstrations from various doggy related organisations including the RAF and Police dogs. I REALLY loved the Police dogs, they were great.

However, besides the pugs of course, the highlight of my day was meeting the Shiba Inus. In fact, my boyfriend was so taken with the Shiba Inus that he decided to stop umming and ahhing about getting a dog and is picking a Shiba Inu pup up tomorrow! EEK!