Cake at work, favourite perfume, lifesavers, new candle, cute desk plant, CRUFTS and finally getting a cuddle with a real-life PUG

I promise I didn't intend to do two consecutive Instavixen posts, but oops, these things happen! As you may or may not know, this week was my first week back at work after three weeks sick leave. Surprisingly it wasn't that bad - certainly nowhere near as horrific as I was expecting anyway. I made it into work every day Monday to Friday and I even wore makeup Mon-Thurs. I didn't quite write as many articles as I wanted to/was supposed to, but it was a huge improvement on the work I was doing pre-break and I'm feeling very pleased with myself.

One of the best things about being back at work was of course CAKE. I'm not kidding when I say someone brings a cake or six into the office every day and we all get to share. Internally, we even refer to our company with a cake-related pun!

As a result of office life, I've been getting to know the Arbonne In Bloom perfume very well, as I can't go to work smelling bad can I?! I am in LOVE with it and so pleased I managed to get my hands on it what with it being part of the limited Christmas range. Alongside my perfume, the air con at work has meant I've had exceptionally dry hands and lips, meaning Arbonne hand cream and the Lip Saver have been ESSENTIAL.

By Friday though, I was absolutely frazzled. I wanted nothing more than a packet of cigarettes and a bottle of wine. However, I decided to behave and I bought myself a candle I've been sniffing in Sainsbury's for months, along with the adorable watering can flower you can see above as a "well done, you made it" kinda treat. Much better than a packet of cigarettes I tell you, especially when I've seriously, seriously upped my fruit and veg consumption these week and I am starting to fell GOOD.

Yesterday, Saturday, was wonderfully relaxed. I got up super early and made myself a smoothie and nutritious breakfast and read my book for a while, decided I was tired and went back to sleep for a few hours. I got up, had some vegetable soup (!!!) and did my washing and cleaning for the week before I hopped on a train to Swindon in the evening...

READY FOR CRUFTS TODAY! Oh yes, the absolutely highlight of my week has been attending one of the world's biggest dog shows! I have had such an AMAZING time and of course, the highlight for me was meeting SO MANY PUGS, but we'll chat more about that later ;)


Reading: How to Win Friends and Influence People...still! Work got in the way of finishing it but I really want to get a move on now and get some ASOIAF back in my life!

Listening To: Mainly Iggy Azaelea and Wednesday 13, with a LOT of the new Marina and the Diamonds song Forget - I LOVE IT. Might be my second favourite of the new album, or even first!

Watching: Better Call Saul, Lilyhammer and Buffy. The epsisode where her mum dies. Many, many tears were shed.

Loving: Essie nail polish in Ladylike, Arbonne hand cream, Arbonne lip balm, strawberries, kiwis and the amount of fresh air and sunshine I've had!

How's your week been?