More pug pictures, invite to my stepsister's wedding, Genghis the Shiba Inu, daffodils to brighten up my home, fancy dress at work, yummy breakfast
Again, yet another average week in my average life! Each day, work, eat, sleep, repeat! Thankfully there were some highlights this week that kept me smiling and broke the monotony a little.

Besides buying myself loads of gorgeous daffodils to brighten up my home and receiving an invite to my stepsister's wedding later this year, my boyfriend went to pick up his Shiba Inu puppy on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I went to meet him! The poor thing was terribly shy (he's much improved now, I'm told, I haven't seen him since Thursday morning) but so lovely. He was so cute running round the garden and he wasn't a fan of my boyfriend's brother so much and so kept nuzzling into me and cuddling me loads. I think James has finally settled on the name Genghis for him now and I can't wait to see him again now he's coming out of his shell.

On Friday, which I'm sure you're already aware of if you live in the UK, it was Red Nose Day. Everyone in my office came in fancy dress, baked cakes and had a tombola and we raised hundreds of pounds for the big day. It was so good to have a bit of fun and all of us getting in the spirit of raising money for a good cause, especially when we're so used to free cake! The picture I've included makes me laugh so much - the guy in the muppet mask sat on the floor OWNS the company and "Barbie" won best dressed which I'm glad about as I voted for her.

Sadly, I was MEANT to be dressing up as Daenerys Targaryen for the day but my wig didn't arrive in time so I had to do a make shift witch pronto!


Reading: Yep. You guessed it. How to Win Friends and Influence People STILL. I'm very, very nearly there though! Dance with Dragons, I'm coming for you!!!

Listening To: Marina and the Diamonds! Her new album is so wicked!

Watching: Mainly Charmed! I forgot all about Better Call Saul this week!

Playing: OK, this totally isn't limited to this week as I've actually been addicted to this game since the beginning of the year haha, but I've been embarrassed about it! However the obsession is STRONG now - I LOVE Star Stable!

Eating: SOUP! A super easy way for me to get my five a day and it's good enough for me at lunch that I don't end up running to Tescos instead and buying something with a distinct lack of nutrition in it.

Loving: Nice, relaxed evenings where I don't pressure myself to be "productive."

Wanting: I've been in one of those moods where I want to throw out everything I own and start all over again! My wardrobe seriously underwhelms be right now and a lot of my stuff is looking seriously tired, worn out and outdated. A girl can dream...

Hope you had a wonderful week xoxo