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Chances are, you read the title of this post and knew exactly what I was going to be talking about in today's Vixen Thinks post. For those of you who didn't, well, here's a quick rundown.

Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of world famous and incredibly popular vehicle-based TV show Top Gear, has recently been suspended by the BBC following rumours that he punched a colleague in the face because he was not happy with the catering spread provided for him.

For some reason, over a million people have signed a petition wishing for this man to be reinstated immediately.

And yep, like everyone, I've got something to say about that.

As I've seen many people arguing already: in every other career if you punch a colleague in the face it will be an instant dismissal. Unless you're a boxer, no matter what job you choose, physical violence is considered gross misconduct. Not to mention assault is a criminal offence.

And yet, because Clarkson hosts one of the most popular TV shows in history, people somehow, including our goddamn Prime Minister, seem to think he should be able to get away with this.

Thing is, in some cases, I can totally understand why people resort to physical violence. I often feel like punching people who insult my family, insult me, criticise my decisions. Thankfully I never act on my violent impulses, but it means I understand where other people are coming from.

But Clarkson, has allegedly hit someone over food. Clarkson is not a poor man. He is not struggling. If he was unhappy with the catering provided, he could easily have bought his own damn food. But no, apparently, punching your producer is the logical way to deal with this.

The man has issues. Not only does he need removing from his job, but he clearly has some anger management issues he needs to work on. I wouldn't want to be in a work environment with this guy. 

This isn't even the first time he's acted out of line either - he was already on his last warning from the BBC! I know this world isn't fair, but really, the right thing to do in this position is GROW SOME BALLS and SACK JEREMY CLARKSON. It will send a very strong message that behaviour like this is unacceptable, regardless of your station on earth.

I know a lot of people will read this and assume I'm a non-driving woman who hates cars and yes, this is true. But what's also true is I actually really enjoy Top Gear. It has been known to have me in hysterics, the kind of laughter where you just can't breathe. It's a great show. And it will survive without a racist, violent presenter.

What do you think?