Two weeks ago, I had my 24th birthday. To celebrate, I spent the weekend in my favourite town on earth: Aberystwyth. I've never really got over the fact that I don't live there anymore - the three years that I did for university were three of my best. This is the first time I have been back since 2013 and only the third time I've been back since I've graduated and admittedly, it was quite painful.

During the long weekend, I felt very, very emotional a lot of the time. Walking through the streets, along the beach, visiting my old favourite restaurants and tourist spots, I remembered how at peace I'd felt a lot of the time I was there, how happy I was with my life. I had a social life, I was passionate about my degree and my health was in much better condition. I suddenly became obsessed with the idea of moving back there. A part of me certainly genuinely wants that.

Nostalgia and sadness aside, I had such a wonderful weekend and I am so glad it's what I decided to do for my birthday this year. Last year on my birthday I went to see Wednesday 13 and he sang happy birthday to me so it was going to be seriously difficult to top that but Aber managed to distract me from "oh my god this time last year" type thoughts.

If you're ever looking for a British holiday, I really recommend Aberystwyth. There are some gorgeous hotels in the town and the caravan parks make for a nice affordable holiday if you're on a budget. The two beaches actually in Aberystwyth are great but if you want proper sand, Ynyslas is the one. It's one of my favourite places on earth. There's a selection of great restaurants too, my favourite being the tapas bar and Little Italy.

Where's your favourite "staycation" destination?