Outfit Details:
Jacket: Miss Selfridge 
Blouse: Primark
Vest Top (underneath blouse): H+M
Leggings: Sainsbury's
Boots: Boohoo (can't really see them..!)
Earrings: Claire's Accessories
Necklace: unsure, but I think it was Cheap Frills

Makeup Details:
This post, except I swapped the lipstick. Unsure exactly what I used, but it looks like a mix of the old Arbonne lipsticks: Shell and Coral Reef 

Oh yes, creativity and inspiration levels were clearly running high when I named this post! Despite the boringness, it is a very relevant name because my new(ish)(not really) blouse is the focal point of the outfit. Way back in February I was off sick from work for most of the month and on one lovely day, my mummy came to visit and bought me this blouse. When I returned to work, I proceeded to wear it every week, sometimes even twice. I LOVE IT.

Although I've done a terrible job capturing the colour, I assure you it really is the most lovely, delicate baby pink colour with a nice subtle black trim. Unlike most of my blouses, there is no collar so it's a nice change from my usual style. I like how it's oversized and I can wear it with a long vest top underneath over leggings for a really comfy look that doesn't look overly casual.

Now, I did actually wear this outfit for work, but my office is very relaxed and I don't think most offices view leggings as office attire, but what do I know! I think with my nice smart jacket and my heeled boots, the fact that it is the comfiest outfit I own is cleverly disguised and the leggings don't seem so bad...!

What do you think?